The Perfect Playlist for a Summer Road Trip


There is literally nothing in this world that I love more than being given the aux cord during a drive. When I was in high school, my favorite possession was the contraption I could plug into my car that allowed me to listen to music from my phone while I was driving. Not having to listen to Top 40 on my way to and from my riveting job as a shoe salesman was truly a game changer. I’m not driving much nowadays (mostly due to the fact that I have no car), and I truly miss driving down the highway blasting my favorite songs. If you’re taking advantage of the summer weather by driving to nowhere in particular, here are ten songs that will make your drive even better.

Van Horn by Saint Motel

Saint Motel has such a soothing sound. Van Horn has quickly become my favorite song by this indie pop band! 

Little Love by JADN

I recently discovered this hard-to-pin-down band on Spotify and devoured their entire discography. Little Love is my favorite, mostly because of the catchy, clever chorus. 

Ex-Lover Syndrome by Jet Black Alley Cat

It wouldn’t be a road trip playlist without some alt rock! Jet Black Alley Cat had me hooked from the release of their song Golden, but Ex-Lover Syndrome is my new favorite! The rhythm is perfect for cruising down the highway.

ADHD by Truslow

The colorful album art for this song is the perfect representation of this song! If you love both pop and rock, Truslow is the perfect band for you.

Just Friends (Tep No Remix) by Virginia to Vegas

Would it even be a road trip without some EDM? There are tons of remixes of this song, but this one is the best. Just trust me. 

Girls Like You by The Naked and Famous

This is the perfect song for staring out the window pretending to be in an angsty coming-of-age movie. I know this because it’s featured in my favorite movie of all time, The First Time starring Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson.

Strange Clouds by ufo ufo

This song has all of the dreamlike quality of a scenic mountain drive. 

Why Did You Run? by Judah and the Lion

A self-described “genre bending” band, Judah and the Lion has an addictive sound. Blast this song while you take the scenic route.

Heartsigh by Purity Ring

Purity Ring is one of my favorite bands, and their sparkly sound is perfect for driving under a powder-blue sky. 

Domino by The Karma Killers

I challenge you to listen to this song just once! It’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head weeks after your last listen.

What’s your go-to road trip song? Check out the full playlist here and make one of my favorites your new go-to!


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