The Pumpkin Spice and Romance Pairings You’ve Always Needed

Pumpkin Spice and Book Pairings

I think it’s safe to say that fall is in full swing, and I’ve got a fun line-up of romances to pair with some of my favorite pumpkin savories, sweets, and drinks!

The Marriage Game by Sara Desai paired with a pumpkin spice latte
Pumpkin Spice Latte

The Marriage Game by Sara Desai

Is the PSL your fall must-have? While I find the drink super sweet, it’s just the right beverage to go with all the swoon in The Marriage Game (released June 9 by Berkley). Apart from love, there is vengeance and redemption, learning and moving on, forgiving yourself, the importance of family and cultural roots laced with the right amount of humor—the sexual innuendos and witty retorts give it a perfect balance. Just like the classic PSL, the balance of pumpkin spice, sweetness, caffeine, and warmth will set you up for all the comfort… and the feels in this jam-packed debut contemporary.

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

The Coffee Book series by Sophie Sinclair

Are you in the mood for binge-worthy rom-coms that follow a set of unforgettable characters? Then, I highly recommend Indie author Sophie Sinclair’s Coffee Book series. Ok, here’s a quick rundown of the leading men. First, Coffee Girl’s Tatum. Don’t let those gorgeous eyes and bad boy exterior fool you; he’s the sweet and sensitive lead of a famous country band. How about The Makeup Artist’s Lex? The badly brokenhearted, tatted Irish playboy musician who will make you swoon (or maybe I’m speaking for myself—sorry not sorry). And, last but certainly not least, there’s The Social Hour’s Cameron, a non-musician, but a successful bar owner and entrepreneur.

If you’ve had pumpkin cream cold brew, you know what the obsession is about, and that is exactly how I feel about this series: OBSESSED. Not only will you love the stars of each novel, you’ll enjoy the company of all the supporting characters. And, I can guarantee the dialogue alone will have you laughing out loud. Which team will you be on? #TeamTaterTot, #TeamSexyLexy, or #TeamCoolCam?

Pumpkin Ale

You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria

A pint of wheat beer brewed with all the harvest spices is deliciously refreshing on a crisp, fall day. You Had Me at Hola (released August 4 by Avon) is a telenovela within a telenovela featuring two costars—one who runs away from love and one who pursues it. The chemistry, the steam level may make you parched, so a pumpkin ale may actually be your best bet to keep you cool all the while maintaining  festive, fall vibes. Daria’s storytelling is rich with flavor, and is perfect for fans of Jane the Virgin.

Pumpkin Pie paired with The Match by Sarah Adams
Pumpkin Pie a la Mode

The Match by Sarah Adams

Something refreshing and sweet, how about it? The Match by Indie author Sarah Adams is the first book of her It Happened in Charleston series. This story captures deep, heartfelt moments with humor and buoyancy, and highlights the amazing things service dogs do for people with epilepsy. So, I think freshly baked pumpkin pie is absolutely heartwarming, but a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream complements it well. Much like Evie and Jake’s organic relationship and the nurturing connections Evie has with other characters in this book. Take a bite out of this one! And, if you’re sold on it, The Enemy is a darlin’ treat.

Pumpkin Bread paired with Ties that Tether by Jane Igharo
Pumpkin Bread

Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo

One of my fall staples is pumpkin bread—with or without the chocolate chips. Do you like it nutmeg- or clove-forward? Or would you rather have more cinnamon to counter the power of the other spices? Either way, Ties That Tether (released September 28 by Berkley) is a feast for your taste buds AND your heart strings. An education of Nigerian culture by way of the heroine Azere’s family traditions can be intense and dramatic, but the delivery is touched with splashes of sweetness and laughter. I have to admit I ugly cried in more chapters than one. It is a well-executed story of love, fate, culture shock and fusion, a hybrid of old tradition and new hope. And much like bread, it rises to the occasion.

Pumpkin curry paired with Simmer Down by Sarah Smith
Pumpkin Curry

Simmer Down by Sarah Smith

A romance that involves food? Sign me up. Nikki is a Filipina food truck chef that is in competition with the new neighboring British food truck, and their rivalry takes off on social media, leading to a highly anticipated battle at the Maui Food Festival. With Asian seasonings that spice up pumpkin curry, Simmer Down (releasing October 13 by Berkley) will spice up your palette, coloring it with a mash-up of culinary delicacies, romance, and of course, drama. You won’t want to miss out on a swoony male lead—Callum is the perfect contrast (and a fine British gentleman) to Nikki’s boss lady personality. Their hate stirs the pot, but their love brings the heat.

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