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The Wedding Party

Who doesn’t love a good frenemies to lovers romance book by the beach? It’s a perfect read for a beach day or a day just relaxing by the water, whether it’s a pool or the ocean. Well, time to get excited! Jasmine Guillory released her new book to go along with her previous two wedding themed, The Wedding Date and The Proposal. I bring to you, The Wedding Party. The best part? It’s about characters you’re already familiar with.

Bringing It All Together

One of my favorite things about Jasmine’s books and this series is that they all intertwine and relate in their own way. While each book focuses on a new romance or fling, it’s still within the same group of people. The Wedding Party is no exception. For fans of Guillory, I’m sure you all remember Alexa and Drew right? Then, The Proposal gave us a glimpse into Drew’s best friend’s life, Carlos and his girlfriend Nik. Still following? Don’t worry, there’s a point to it all. As you may remember back to book one, Alexa’s best friends, Theo and Maddie. If you need a refresher, Maddie is her stylist best friend and Theo works with her for the Mayor. In The Wedding Party, all the characters ultimately come together and make an appearance for Drew and Alexa’s wedding.

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Wedding Planning

One of my favorite things about this book is the fact that we get to hear all about Alexa’s wedding planning and how her and Drew are doing! The Wedding Date is still one of my favorite books to date and I absolutely love the chemistry between those two love birds. While the timeline may have confused me a little bit, it was really refreshing to see everything come together so well. The book begins at Theo’s birthday party, where Drew arrives to win Alexa back. Maddie and Theo still hate each other, but their drunken chemistry is apparent.

Frenemies with Benefits?

After Theo’s party, Maddie offers to drive Theo home. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, they’re on his bed. Both elated with excitement for Alexa and too much alcohol in their system, the unthinkable has happened. How, you may ask? Theo is so charming as ever with his killer Michael Jackson dance moves. But they both agree this will never happen again and no one, especially Alexa, cannot find out about this.

In typical Guillory style, it obviously very much happens again. And again and again. But eventually, they come to terms with the fact that it’ll keep happening. They set some ground rules, stating that this is merely about sex, nothing of the relationship sort, and no one can know. We all know how friends with benefits ends, right?

Jasmine has really done it again with such an amazing book and creating characters that ooze chemistry off the pages. While they may claim to hate each other, they sure love to tear each other’s clothes off. Over time, it turns into something more, including lots of comforting. Wait, I thought this wasn’t a relationship!
I really enjoyed how Jasmine brought us back to her debut characters and got to enlighten us with all their wedding details and them just being their selves. Alexa, by far, is the funniest. She had me cracking up in the end. This book will have you falling so in love with the characters, that you’ll want to be yelling at them from time to time like you were a part of their lives. It’s the perfect summer read, with some great sex scenes, full of hardcore chemistry, as well as some laughs. It’s light and is definitely one you don’t want to miss.  

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