There’s Always Something to Celebrate: Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day!

Author Jamie Kelly is always looking for something to celebrate! Today, among other things, is National Blueberry Pancake Day.

[Note from Frolic: We’re so excited to welcome author Kelly Jamieson to the site today! She’s talking all things celebrations, particularly National Blueberry Pancake Day! Take it away, Kelly!]

Hi everyone! Did you know today is National Blueberry Pancake Day?

Well, it is! It’s also National Have Fun at Work Day. And National Kazoo Day. And National Plan for Vacation Day. Woohoo!

You’ve probably seen the posts on social media – it’s National Pie Day! Or National Moscato Day!

Did you know there’s a National Bobblehead Day? National Kiss a Ginger Day? (It’s January 12. I was informed of this by a bartender in Chicago on January 13, so I missed it, dammit.) How about National Awkward Moments Day? (Every day, for me.)

Who comes up with these things? And why do they?

Well, the unromantic answer is that a lot of these are an excuse to sell products, sort of like made up Hallmark holidays. They’re designed to make you want chocolate or muffins or red wine (Happy #NationalRedWineDay!). There’s a website called National Calendar Day that actually takes applications to register an official National Day. “The benefits of having a National Day, Week or Month include news stories, increase in product sales, market visibility, social media engagement, fundraising opportunities for non-profits, brand authority and much more can be generated annually.”

Unfortunately, due to a backlog they are only taking applications from companies and organizations, meaning I can’t apply for this:

I have, however, made use of existing National Days for social media. I’ve looked at that calendar to find things to post on social media. It’s especially great when it’s something to do with my brand – I love National Wine Day! It’s May 25 according to the National Day Calendar, but I kind of like this one:

National Wine Day

September 28 is National Coffee Day! Sadly, it appears there isn’t yet a National High Heeled Shoes Day (yet!) but I did find that October 8 is International Podiatry Day. Hmmm… 

I sure did have a margarita with my friend PG Forte when we happened to be together on National Margarita Day. And I’m really looking forward to March 14 which is National Potato Chip Day. Never mind those pesky New Years Resolutions to lose weight, we must celebrate the day!

I found an article in The Atlantic that discusses these National Days. They noted that on one particular news day that was full of tragedy, the number one trending topic on Twitter was…avocadoes. Everyone was posting pictures and sharing recipes and trivia about avocadoes for the only reason that it was #NationalAvocado Day.

In my book that’s out today, Firecracker, Arden is always celebrating one of these national days, from Daiquiris to blueberry muffins to hot fudge sundaes. She knows when it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and National Chili Dog Day. And hey, National Grab Some Nuts Day is pretty fun!

Arden’s been through some rough times lately. She’s a former prom queen who married the college football star. Their life should have been golden…but it wasn’t. Here’s what she says when Tyler asks her why she celebrates all these national days:

“Why do you celebrate all those days…like National Muffin Day, or whatever?”

For some reason, she didn’t hesitate to tell him the truth, even though it probably sounded pathetic. “I started doing that when…when I wasn’t so happy.”

“After Michael died?”

“Before, actually. I wanted to remind myself that…no matter how bad things are, there’s always something to celebrate.”

His arm tightened around her again and his breathing changed. She heard him swallow. She relaxed into his body and his embrace.

The author of The Atlantic article concluded: “If national days are growing in number and popularity because people want a simple escape from consequential dialogue, there is sadness even in people earnestly celebrating National Ice Cream Day.”

I disagree. It’s not sad. We’re all dealing with crap, every day, in our personal lives, in our professional lives, in national and international events and politics. But I think it’s important, like Arden, to always find something positive in our lives. Something to celebrate. Even if it’s just an ice cream cone or a donut or a hug.

#NationalHuggingDay was January 21.

About the Author:

Kelly Jamieson is a USA Today best-selling author of over fifty romance novels and novellas.  Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. She likes her coffee black, her wine white (mostly!) and her heels high, and she loves hockey!

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Firecracker by Kelly Jamieson, out now!

Arden Lennox’s charmed life may be in pieces, but she’d sooner get her hoohaw bleached than move back in with her parents. She’s no longer the prom-queen princess married to the football star. She’s a broke, penniless widow, and it’s time she stood on her own two feet.

An under-construction unit in a quaint Chicago brownstone is cheap (free), but it comes with an unexpected surprise. Tyler Ramirez, her brother’s gawky high school best friend, is now a smoking hot firefighter who spends most of his spare time in her unit hammering, drilling, and screwing. Usually with his shirt off—a temptation she has no intention of indulging.

Tyler can’t believe his high school crush is living right across the hall, or how fast his fierce lust for her comes blazing back. She’s still gorgeous—a little sadder, a little quieter, but still with the amazing smile and sweet body that fueled his awkward teenage fantasies.

Despite her best intentions, Arden can’t resist grown up Tyler but the sparks between them send her into full retreat. And by the time she realizes the heat between them could last a lifetime, it could be too late to tell him…


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