THESE are the Best Five Episodes of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody


‘Tis the season…to educate your little nieces and nephews in the way of early 2000s Disney Channel! With Disney Plus, our favorite episodes of those old shows are right at our fingertips. Here are five of the best episodes of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody that ever blessed our screens.

1. Episode 1×10 “Cody Goes to Camp”

Secant, tangent, cosine, sine, 3.14159! there are so many things to love about this episode, from the cheesy math humor to the now infamous scene of Mr. Moseby teaching London how to drive. Would you like AMMMM or FMMMM?

2. Episode 1×02 “The Fairest of Them All”

This episode is nothing short of a Disney Channel classic. Tiny Victoria Justice guest starred, so you KNOW it was good.

3. Episode 1×19 “The Ghost of Suite 613”

This episode terrified us all when we were younger. It was the perfect Halloween treat, but let’s be real-this episode is great for any time.

4. Episode 3×09 “Lip Synchin’ in the Rain”

There were so many amazing jokes in this episode. From the friendly jab at overenthusiastic theater kids to everyone’s insistence that Ashley Tisdale looks nothing like Ashley Tisdale, this episode is giggles from start to finish. 

Episode 1×13 “Poor Little Rich Girl”

This episode never fails to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside! Seeing the friendship between Maddie and London grow was one of the best parts of this series, and this episode was no exception.

Which episodes did we miss? Let us know in the comments!


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