This ‘Lore Olympus’ Style Guide Will Give You A Fresh New Ancient Greek Look

Which character from Rachel Smythe's beloved webtoon Lore Olympus are you? Are you the king of the underworld or the messenger god? Find out here.

We’ve previously gushed about the amazing webtoon Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe. If you thought that obsession had died down any, you’re wrong.

With new episodes getting posted every Sunday, it’s hard not to let out a little squeeeee at least once a week, and to celebrate that fangirl spirit, we’ve put together the ultimate style guide to get you through the week!

Goddess of Spring Flower Crown – $13.99

Perseophone, Goddess of Spring, and our fearless heroine, occasionally has a crown of flowers pop up on her head, and tbh we want the same abilities.

hades lore olympus
Pocket Square – $19.99

Technically, Hades is the God of Death and King of the Underworld. But we all know he’s really the God of Pocket Squares. Now you can be, too!

Artemis-Approved T-Shirt – $13.99

Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, would love this feminist t-shirt. So would you!

Hell on Heels – $49.99

Dress like Minthe, Hades’s on-and-off again MISTAKE with these intimidatingly high heels. Crushes toes and dreams!

Hand Weights – $25.27

Oh Hermes. The God of Trade/Merchants, etc. requires no shirt, shoes… or decent service to handle his business. The man is in shape though, probably with the help of these dumbells!


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