All That Glitters Isn’t Gold in Timeless, Season 2, Episode 3

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold in Timeless, Season 2, Episode 3

Post by Jennifer Wattley

This Timeless episode was the stuff that dreams are made of. We had so many of our Lyatt hopes realized, only to have them crushed at the final moments of the episode.

Overall this is one of the strongest episodes of Timeless and I think that's because it relied so heavily on the core three playing their own critical roles in the mission, but also just having a really fun time.

To start, we're off again because of another Rittenhouse mission to change time.

Rittenhouse takes their sleeper to Hollywoodland. They drop him off there as a kid, and by 1941, he's a producer at RKO films, one of earliest full-fledged movie studios.

Time Team doesn't know why Rittenhouse has chosen LA in 1941, but when they get there, they soon uncover the fact that Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane has been stolen. But the question is why? Rumor has it the movie was a thinly veiled account of William Randolph Hearst and his mistress, and the Time Team believes him to be Rittenhouse.

The Time Team goes undercover at Paramount Studios with Rufus pretending to be Langston Hughes, while Lucy and Wyatt pretend to be an up and coming musical duo. They con their way into the head of the studio’s office and when they're there, they meet Hedy Lamarr, famous actress and inventor.

The Time Team finds out that Hearst is throwing a party and they crash in hopes to find out more about what the plan is with Citizen Kane. They find out the plan, which is to blackmail Hearst and turn all of his papers into Rittenhouse propaganda machines.

The trio split up at the party, Hedy with Rufus, and Lucy with Wyatt. (Honestly, Rufus is and remains the MVP of almost every episode of Timeless, and I’m so glad they’re using him more. I love shipping and romance, but Rufus gets my vote for favorite Time Team member.)

One of my favorite totally swoony moments happens when Lucy sings “You Made Me Love You” while gazing longingly at Wyatt since part of her cover is that they're musical stars.

The rest of the mission follows, as it should: they stop the Rittenhouse sleeper from stealing Citizen Kane, and live to fight another day.

Now for the totally shipper related stuff—Lucy and Wyatt finally kiss! Not only do they kiss, but they also spend the night together. It's sweet and halting, but so lovely seeing them finally make the leap towards one another, but this is TV, after all.

In a twist that surprised neither me, nor my friends, the episodes ends by Wyatt reconnecting with the wife he thought was killed, Jessica.

I know! Just as the Lyatt was getting really good, too. They were talking about having each other and being there for one another, when Wyatt gets a totally mysterious text, which I actually have a ton of questions about.

So, Clockblockers, what was your favorite part of this episode?

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