Trope Rec Tuesday: Is My Birthday A Perfect Excuse To Be With You?


To explain a little about what this post will be about, every Trope Tuesday post starts with the same introduction. In every romance book you read there are tropes or archetypes you find inside its pages. You can also see them in shows, movies, plays, etc. Every type of entertainment and media. Romantic tropes are everywhere, and they are fabulous. I adore them and I always tend to find my favorite ones in romance books so I can enjoy them even more. Trope Tuesday is a weekly column where I share books that I know people will enjoy with a specific central trope.

What is a trope? Urban Dictionary explains it best: “​Despite the erroneous definitions already published here, ​trope on ​the interwebs really refers to an often overused ​plot device​. It can also be described as another variation on the same theme. TV shows, movies, comics, games, anime’, & books are full of tropes & many rabid fan-sites now name & track said tropes with a self-explanatory title for each one.” We can name a few: accidental pregnancy, best friends to lovers, sibling’s best friend, marriage of convenience, and so many more. Your favorite couples? They probably got a trope too! It’s always so nice to realize or find out your favorite romance trope and keep searching for books with the same theme. So really? I’m just helping you find that new favorite book of yours. If ever you want a post on a trope I haven’t done yet, do drop me a tweet at @thebookvoyagers and let me know!

My birthday is coming up but, truthfully, I didn’t think about this because of that. But it matches, so why not do it? I’ve been reading various romances that take place on the main character’s birthday! Fun happens and they live happily ever after. Just what you want to happen on your day of birth, right!? These two characters either meet because of the birthday party or other birthday events. Or, they already knew each other beforehand and the birthday part is just a fun excuse to dance together and have wild epic nights inside a bathroom where everyone can just knock and know those two are together. Fun moments, I tell you!

Birthday Shot by Rilzy Adams

This book though. The newly released Adams romance gave me a slap in the face with all the goodness it has inside. I’m just going to tell you that this was one of my most anticipated releases and it definitely delivered. I wish I hadn’t finished it so quick because now how will I survive without another Adams book to read?

Shae is using her birthday to seduce her long-time crush Kofi, her brother’s best friend. Why haven’t they hooked up before this? Well, Shae’s brother is a bit overprotective so they have never crossed that line. But now, they think they would really be very good together, so they decide to risk it all at her birthday party. (Kofi goes down on her in her parents’ bathroom and it is a glorious scene, ok). Adams, time and time again, has graced us with epic, steamy scenes. And this is her hottest novel… YET. Plus it’s also really sweet because Kofi cares so much about Shae and you will see the level of power couple they are instantly.

Birthday Sex by Té Russ

My heart’s owner? This book. Té Russ enchanted me very quickly with a short story. Her writing craft is pristine and every single detail tells a story. This book is wild while also giving you romance to make you fall in love with two people who have so much chemistry, you cannot not want them together.

Harper and Trent only meet each other on their birthdays. The rest of the year? It’s like they don’t know each other. But this year is going to be different because Trent wants their relationship to change completely. He’s ready to ask Harper out on a date! Their birthday meet-ups are definitely sex-related and their nights are spent knowing each other’s bodies very well. 

#birthdaygoals by AshleyNicole

#birthdaygoals is a perfect short story that will give you just what you need. I’m ready to get into AshleyNicole’s backlist because they all sound like they give you a piece of sunshine, making you feel all warm and soft inside. 

Arianne’s birthday is here and her sister has prepared a day party because she knows Arianne goes to sleep at six pm (err… at eight pm, I mean). When she arrives at the party, she sees her long-time crush there, wishing her a very happy birthday. And it is. Because every year, Arianne writes down her goals for that upcoming year and this time she is aiming for a house and for Kammal. 

Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai

And closing Trope Rec Tuesday is Alisha Rai’s amazing romance, Hate to Want You. If you have never read a Rai book, this one is a pretty good option to start with. It’s very angsty but so addicting. The characters and storyline will grab your soul as soon as you start. 

Livvy and Nicholas were a power couple back in the day. From very influential families, they had their futures mapped out together. But then tragedy struck and instead of being together, they split up and became enemies. Their families cannot look at each other, it’s sort of Romeo and Juliet in that aspect (without the death!). They still want each other so they agree that, on Livvy’s birthday, every year, they will meet and have a wild, epic night together. Just one night. 

Obviously it doesn’t end like that. Many things happen! But you will have to read and see for yourself. 

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