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To explain a little about what this post will be about, every Trope Tuesday post starts with the same introduction. In every romance book you read there are tropes or archetypes you find inside its pages. You can also see them in shows, movies, plays, etc. Every type of entertainment and media. Romantic tropes are everywhere, and they are fabulous. I adore them and I always tend to find my favorite ones in romance books so I can enjoy them even more. Trope Tuesday is a weekly column where I share books that I know people will enjoy with a specific central trope.

What is a trope? Urban Dictionary explains it best: “​Despite the erroneous definitions already published here, ​trope on ​the interwebs really refers to an often overused ​plot device​. It can also be described as another variation on the same theme. TV shows, movies, comics, games, anime’, & books are full of tropes & many rabid fan-sites now name & track said tropes with a self-explanatory title for each one.” We can name a few: accidental pregnancy, best friends to lovers, sibling’s best friend, marriage of convenience, and so many more. Your favorite couples? They probably got a trope too! It’s always so nice to realize or find out your favorite romance trope and keep searching for books with the same theme. So really? I’m just helping you find that new favorite book of yours. If ever you want a post on a trope I haven’t done yet, do drop me a tweet at @thebookvoyagers and let me know!

I don’t read a lot of mafia romances but the ones that I’ve read? *chef kiss* Outstanding. I love the high stakes, the intensity, the action-packed scenes that mafia romances bring you. There is always something happening. Be it fighting scenes or romantic declarations of love, mafia romances really give you a little bit of everything. They also never forget to deliver the emotions and angst because by the end of these books, I find myself crying my eyes out. Be prepared! But also have fun, because the next books I’m going to mention are wonderful and these authors do a really good job.

The Hitman by Katrina Jackson

This book. Just read it to know how much I feel for this book. But also read the first in the series, Beautiful & Dirty, because you need to meet every single character. You’re going to fall in love very quickly with them and their story.

The Hitman is about Zahra who just found out her fiancé cheated on her with her maid of honor. On her wedding day! She decided to steal his credit cards and go to Italy on her supposed honeymoon, but alone. There she meets this dangerous man named Giulio who is just dropping sexiness everywhere and can’t get enough of Zahra. These two will embark on this wild adventure that you won’t be able to stop reading.

All Things Burn by Jodie Slaughter

I’m a huge Jodie Slaughter fan! And I think this is actually her very first published romance. I’ve read everything she has written and let me tell you that she knows how to write very delicious and epic stories. This one is no different.

Meet Halle. She has a stalker; her ex-boyfriend. She knows he will do anything to have her, so she wants a gun for some protection. Her cousin won’t let her so instead she hires a hitman to protect her. Callum Byrne. Their relationship slowly complicates and develops but soon things become deadly and take a turn!

The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert

The O’Malleys series is so amazing and I slowly became obsessed with it when I first read it. The story and romance will grab your attention instantly. You will finish this book before you know it because you couldn’t stop reading it. That’s the way things are.

This is the first book in the series and it introduces the O’Malley family. Teague O’Malley hates pretty much everything associated with his family’s name. So when his father tells him he needs to marry Callie Sheridan to form a business alliance, he is ready to mouth him off. But then he meets Callie and everything changes. 

Duke by Kiru Taye

When I first saw this book, I wanted to read it badly. Then I read an excerpt the author released before releasing the novel and the scene was *fire*. You aren’t ready for this book!

Duke is all about loyalty and honor. When he locks eyes with Carla at a nightclub, he never really expected for things to change. But they do. He finds out she is a mafia princess. Everything she embodies is very dangerous and hot to the touch. Duke wants to keep her and in this upcoming war, he will do anything to win.

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2 thoughts on “Trope Rec Tuesday: Must-Read Mafia Romances”

  1. Mageela Troche

    One author that should be included on this list is Bethany Kris. Her mafia romance novels are sensual, emotional and the perfect read. I have devoured them numerous times.

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