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To explain a little about what this post will be about, I’m taking the intro I did for the last one: In every romance book you read there are tropes or archetypes. You can also see them in shows, movies, plays, etc. Romantic tropes are everywhere, and they are fabulous. I adore them. I adore some of them and I always tend to find my favorite ones in romance books so I can enjoy them more. I decided to do a sort of Trope Tuesday piece where I will be talking about many tropes and recommend you all some of my favorites that fit.

What is a trope? Urban Dictionary explains it best I think: “Despite the erroneous definitions already published here, trope on the interwebs really refers to an often overused plot device. It can also be described as another variation on the same theme. TV shows, movies, comics, games, anime’, & books are full of tropes & many rabid fan-sites now name & track said tropes with a self-explanatory title for each one.” We can name a few: accidental pregnancy, best friends to lovers, sibling’s best friend, marriage of convenience, and so many more for sure. Your favorite couples? They probably got a trope too! It’s always so nice to realize or find out your favorite romance trope and keep searching for books with the same theme.

How about some winter spirit? We are almost in December to be honest and this is just asking for some winter-y romances right? I’m so excited for this time of the year, it’s always one of my favorites and especially when it comes to books!

I chose snowbound romances because they’re always so much fun and I’ve seen many many people share their love for them too. They’re really the greatest to read because the TENSION between the main characters is always on fiiiiiire. We can also take the forced proximity trope into this one because they have to stay together for a while because of the heavy snow falling outside.

They have to pass their time together!

I thought it would be perfect for this season and I hope you all enjoy them and if in your side of the world, winter is not here yet or you don’t get snow, these romances will be like visiting those places!

Snowed In by Rhoda Baxter

Tracey just sold her company and she is unsure of what to do with her life right now. A trip to a rural village is may be the greatest option she has. Vinnie was left by the woman who he was going to propose to. Both of them want to be alone…

When Tracey is caught in a blizzard, the only place she finds shelter is in Vinnie’s cottage.

Under the Mistletoe by Everly James

Gia is an aspiring novelist that wants to have her first novel published. She decides to take a trip to Colorado to a retreat so she can finish writing. She didn’t anticipate seeing and meeting Samantha there. Whom she hates… they hate each other very much so their meeting is surely not something that is going to be happy. But some blizzards might make everything change for them.

Beary Christmas, Baby by Sasha Devlin

Sasha Devlin is a queen in this community and if you have not picked up anything by her, be sure to pick up this. Perfect for this season, Beary Christmas, Baby is part shifter romance and part holiday romance. There is obviously a snowed in moment and it might have an “I’ve loved you for so long” trope as well. Don’t you love that trope? Crushing on your love interest for forever, makes my heart dance.

Winter at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth

This sounds really so fun; our heroine is a videographer that travels around the world, but this winter season, she’s returning home, to her family’s estate. There is a new veterinarian in town and one night the heroine needs his help… as you can already foresee, sparks really fly this time.

But she is someone who always puts her hometown behind and instead loves traveling, so their romance might not be such a good idea.

Cabin Fever by Alisha Rai

She’s a witch and she has been banished in exile to the dark side of the woods because she took part in her mother’s death. The townspeople fear her, though they do not know she lost her powers a while ago. But when a wounded man appears on her porch, her healing powers reawaken, but more than, her heart reawakens as well. There is just one tiny detail: He’s the new chief of police.

Winter Kisses by A.C. Arthur

This Ice-Queen heiress is done with love after the “love of her life” broke her heart. She travel to an exclusive Aspen resort only to find this sexy man inside her room.

After being tricked by his relatives, this CFO finds himself snowbound with a beauty and with the snow falling outside, the mood is really on.

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