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Sometimes you need a break from the city. And the perfect way to do it is to go to a cabin in the woods, right? I’m not really a “nature girl” but I might just go once… and that’s it. Enjoy the sun (or the snow if there is snow!), breathe the fresh air, do activities outside, and more shenanigans are for sure going to happen. For these next romance books, the cabin is such a big deal in the story. Maybe they are snowed-in. Maybe they are spending family time there. Either way, the characters are going to have their little romance inside this cabin and let’s hope that when they return back home, the romance survives.

Gifting Me to His Best Friend by Katee Robert

Perfect for Christmas! Perfect for cabin-related romances! Perfect for fans of polyamorous romances! Katee Robert really writes the best steamy books. It’s a fact. Gifting Me to His Best Friend was such an anticipated read for me after reading Your Dad Will Do, because I wanted more fun, steamy, romantic little novellas, and Robert didn’t disappoint. 

Grayson and Emma are a married couple who are having a little holiday vacation at a cabin alongside Grayson’s longtime best friend, Derek. It’s there that Grayson makes Emma a proposal: How about Emma is Derek’s gift for this Christmas? He has noticed that Emma and Derek are lusting after each other and he wants part of that action too. But when this 48-hour holiday is soon coming to an end, these three find themselves wanting so much more than just a Christmas present. 

In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Another really fun, entertaining Christmas romance that will for sure get your attention this season, In a Holidaze takes Groundhog Day and completely turns it around to give you a surreal and incredible romance story.

Maelyn is going back home with her family after spending Christmas with their friends and families in a cabin. But then tires screech and soon she finds herself on the airplane going to Utah, to relive the holiday all over again. She thinks the universe is sending her a signal, a new way to fix her mistakes. So you’ll see her try her hardest to save Christmas and find love with an unexpected person.

Bear With Me by Lucy Eden

A shifter, an influencer and a cabin retreat? Well, yes. These elements all fit together perfectly in this fun paranormal romance where an influencer goes to stay at a cabin for a few days only to find herself in the presence of a bear shifter.

Celestine just had a very public breakup and she can’t be in the city right now. So she goes to this cabin retreat to recharge energy, to relax without all the commotion back home. There, the owner is a very sexy lumberjack who is kinda mysterious but is always there to help her. And he has some secrets of his own. 

Real Kind of Love by Sara Rider

When you need a fake boyfriend to accompany you to a secluded cabin because your family added themselves into this trip, what’s left to do? Falling in love, of course!

Clementine is an audiobook narrator and she does it so well. But when her new gig needs her to narrate erotic romance, she’s stumped. Because of it, she comes up with a plan to go to a secluded cabin to restore her inner muse. But her overbearing parents wouldn’t understand so she tells them she’s going with her boyfriend (who doesn’t exist obviously). She never really thought they would add themselves into the trip! And now she has to find a fake boyfriend so they don’t realize it was all a lie!

In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish

A meet-disaster involving a dog, a crash and a cabin in the woods? You won’t regret picking up this book.

Daniel has abandoned his city life to come work at a small town in Michigan. When he goes for his interview, something unfortunate happens— he crashes his car so he doesn’t hit a dog. But all of that creates the perfect scenario for Rex to appear in his life, ready to save him and the dog. Rex takes him to his cabin in the woods and though Daniel is trying to figure out who this person is, he can’t help being attracted to him. But that’s just the very start to this magnificent story.

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