Under-the-Radar Books: Selected February Reads for You


This month we’re bringing you our picks for February Under-the-Radar reads. Serial killers, abusive fathers, poetry collections, memoirs and more round out this eclectic list. If you’re looking for something new and different to read, or want to find your next favorite author, look no further! Here are our unique and exciting selections for February Under-the-Radar reads.

This Close to Okay by Leesa Cross-Smith 

When Tallie saves a man from committing suicide and she invites him into her home, neither of the two will understand how life-changing their weekend will be.

Black Coral by Andrew Mayne

Underwater agent Sloan McPherson discovers a 30-year-old van at the bottom of a pond filled with dead teenagers, and she knows it was no accident. And when someone else is murdered, she fears that a once-dormant serial killer is now awake, and may be looking at Sloan for his next victim.

Dark Horses by Susan Mihalic

Equestrian prodigy Roan Montgomery’s father is not only her abuser, he’s also her riding coach, and if she wants to make it to the Olympics, she’s got to separate the two. Will Roan be able to reclaim the life she deserves, and ultimately survive, despite being trapped in her father’s world?

Milk Fed by Melissa Broder

When Rachel’s therapist suggests she does a 90-day detox from her mother in order to stop her obsessive food habits and calorie counting, she does so. Soon after, she meets Miriam, who works in her favorite yogurt shop and suddenly, Rachel is on a new journey. Miriam wants to feed Rachel’s body and soul. Milk Fed is a tale of appetites and a meditation on love and food.

Water Memory by Daniel Pyne

Pirates have taken over the ship that black ops specialist Aubrey Sentro is on, and she’s got to save herself and the other passengers, despite suffering from serial-concussion syndrome. She’ll do everything in her power to survive this deadly game of cat and mouse in order to get home to her children.

We Can Only Save Ourselves by Alison Wisdom

The night before Alice is to be crowned homecoming queen, she leaves with a stranger to live in a bungalow, where he has told her she can be her ‘true self.’ Along with four other girls who have followed Wesley, Alice will reach a point of no return once his expectations of the girls increase.

Quiet in Her Bones by Nalini Singh

Ten years ago, Aarav’s mother disappeared from their exclusive cul-de-sac home, along with a substantial amount of money. On the edge of their home in the forest in New Zealand, her bones have been found. Now Aarav is determined more than ever to find out what happened to his mother when she vanished so long ago.

The Other Mothers: Two Women’s Journey to Find the Family That Was Always Theirs by Jennifer Berney

Jenn and Kelly were ready to start a family but soon found themselves in a struggle with the medical world who didn’t know what to do for a couple who wanted a baby without a man. Their determination and diligence helped defy the patriarchy so they could become the family they were meant to be.

I Am The Rage by Martina McGowan

Mother, grandmother, retired doctor and poet, Martina McGowan puts readers into the uncomfortable and necessary position of facing what it means to be a Black person in America in this raw and unfiltered collection of poetry.

Bad Habits by Amy Gentry

When Clair “Mac” runs into Gwen, her former best friend and current nemesis, their stories will unravel and readers will discover how far each friend has gone to get what they have wanted out of life, despite struggles – and lies – from the past. 

A Year Of Mr. Lucky by Meg Weber

In this memoir, Meg Weber is looking to date again, and when she comes across Mr. Lucky, it will bring her a year of exploration, submission, erotic encounters, and quite possibly, some healing.

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

A cheating husband is dead and the women who were involved with him have made a mess of the situation and need to do some cleaning up.

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