Watch This? Read That! Latinx Romance Edition

Watch That? Read This!: The #LatinxRom Edition

Although officially, Hispanic Heritage Month is winding down, the celebration of Latinx culture doesn’t have to come to an end. Especially when it comes to supporting and reading books written by Latinx romance authors. We use the term Latinx to be more inclusive and to reflect the diverse backgrounds and identities of our growing community of authors, readers and bloggers.

While our backgrounds and cultures may be different, our stories all share common threads of family, tradition, perseverance, hope and, of course, love.

What you might not know is that these books also share similar threads with some of the most popular shows on television today. I’ve curated a list to match addictive T.V. shows with a book series written by a LatinxRom author. If you’re a fan of the show, you should definitely try the books. Happy reading!

Watch NBC’s Blindspot? Read the Black Ops Confidential series by Diana Muñoz Stewart

What They Have In Common: Kick-ass heroines who were adopted into a covert organization and trained to be secret operatives and expert assassins. Forbidden romance, high stakes and lots of action. 

Watch The Crown? Read the Once Upon a Scandal series by Liana de la Rosa!

What They Have In Common: Royal romances. Royal secrets. Royal scandals. All of it makes for good drama and addictive fun. 

Insecure HBO
Acting On Impulse by Mia Sosa
Watch Insecure? Read the Love on Cue series by Mia Sosa!

What They Have In Common: Romantic comedies about friends trying to navigate the ups and downs of falling in love. Witty dialogue and sexy times make the journey oh so delightful! 

Watch Dancing with the Stars? Read the Dance Off series by Alexis Daria!

What They Have In Common: Reality shows where professional dancers are matched with celebrities. With all of that holding and touching, sparks fly on and off the ballroom floor. 

Watch Dynasty? Read the Filthy Rich series by Angelina Lopez

What They Have in Common: Modern fairy tales about the rich and powerful. From the boardroom to the bedroom, these characters know how to make one helluva deal.

Watch Grand Hotel? Read the Hotel Arroyo series by Sabrina Sol!

What They Have in Common: Family-owned hotels are the backdrop for romance, secrets and drama. And the hot sex scenes definitely make you want to visit again.

Watch Harlots? Read the Happy Endings series by Zoey Castile

What They Have In Common: Characters who make a living in professions that are outside of society’s norms. Yet, they own their lives and their desires without regret.

Watch This is Us? Read the Matched to Perfection series by Priscilla Oliveras!

What They Have In Common: Emotional family dramas with heartfelt storytelling. The love between the siblings is just as important as the romantic relationships. Don’t forget your Kleenex!

Watch Vida? Read the Dreamers series by Adriana Herrera!

What They Have In Common: Important stories that reflect the queer Latinx gaze. You’ll find complicated relationships, social commentary and the importance of community and found family.

Watch When Calls the Heart? Read the Arroyo Blanco series by Lydia San Andres!

What They Have In Common: Sweeping period dramas with small town/island settings. Stories are centered around strong female protagonists and feature charming side characters.


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