Weekend Podcast Guide: Do You Ship It?

Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 458. Hard Sell and Revolutionary Romance with Hudson Lin

My guest this week is author Hudson Lin (she/her) whose new book Hard Sell is out 25 May! Hard Sell is a trope-tastic queer romance between Daniel and Tobin, who have a secret affair while working opposite sides of a business deal. Lin and I talk about the writing process and how she portrays Daniel’s professional burnout in the story (no spoilers, I promise). We also discuss why Lin thinks romance is a revolutionary genre, and how it’s disruptive to existing power structures.

Lit Wallflowers Logo
Lit Wallflowers: Bad Boys & Wallflowers – The Wicked Wallflower & …Wicked Arrangement – Least Likely to Cause a Scandal with @BookstaKatie

We’re looking through a historical and modern lens of the same story in Maya Rodale’s Bad Boys and Wallflowers series, starting with “ The Wicked Wallflower” and “The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Wicked Arrangement!”

Bad Boys & Wallflowers – Wallflowers Gone Wild & …Girl Gone Wild – Least Likely to Cause a Scandal with @BookstaKatie- It’s time to loosen up in Maya Rodale’s “Wallflower Gone Wild” and “The Bady Boy Billionaire’s Girl Gone Wild” novella!

The Shipping Room
The Shipping Room: Episode 167: Chatting with Christina Lauren

In this episode, Christine got to sit down and chat with Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings about their Top 10 lists, what they’ve learned from writing fanfic, finding a community in fandom, the Roomies movie, and OF COURSE, their newest book that you will ABSOLUTELY love, The Soulmate Equation!

Click here for where to listen.

Wit Beyond Measure Logo
Wit Beyond Measure: Gasp! A Secret Engagement!?

This week Elle and Catrina dig deep into the scandal that is Frank Churchill and the ruined friendship between Emma and Harriet. Emma fans know exactly what we are talking about.

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: May 14, 2o2o

A shout out to Darynda Jones on the release of THE GRAVEDIGGER’S SON! Also on marketing techniques that try to trick readers, the use and misuse of subcategories, and why taxonomy can matter in the real world.

First Cup of Coffee – May 17, 2021: A shout out to Vanessa Riley’s AN EARL, THE GIRL, AND A TODDLER! Also, a bit more today on terrible email marketing approaches and how the author-reader relationship should be about the long term.

First Cup of Coffee – May 18, 2021:Finding a middle path – and solid footing – between the poles of the self-publishing community, weighing the costs and benefits of putting indie books in audio, and the role keeping house plays in my life (or not).

First Cup of Coffee – May 20, 2021: About choosing a “publishing company” name for your self-published work (or not), titanium jewelry in the 80s, my new secret project and how I’m going about trying to add to what I’m doing without overloading.

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 310 – Nerds vs. Jocks with Eli Easton and Tara Lain

Eli Easton and Tara Lain chat with Jeff about the “Nerds vs. Jocks” series. This is the first time either author has collaborated, and they talk about how they came together, figured out what the series would be, and the stories each of the three couples would have. They also discuss what’s coming up next, including more co-written books, and some of the difficulties working solo again. Plus, they share a book recommendations. Jeff also reviews “Coaching the Nerd.”

Feminists Without Mystique Logo
Feminists Without Mystique: Ep 131: Free Palestine

Human Rights Watch recently released a report that “Abusive Israeli Policies Constitute Crimes of Apartheid, Persecution.” We discuss the tragic/frustrating/unconscionable violence in Israel and Palestine. Yes, certain parts of this conflict are complicated but other parts of it very much are not. We should all be able to hold more than one truth in our minds at once, and unequivocally call for a ceasefire.

We see you: Bill Gates, Marjorie Taylor Greene, “Disinformation Dozen”, Hopkinton PD, CBS News, John Mulaney
Bodice Tipplers
Bodice Tipplers: Honor’s Splendor by Julie Garwood

Meet gentle Lady Madelyne, kidnapped by the Studly Baron Duncan! Wonder why “honor” is spelled the American way but “splendour” got that extra u! Thrill to dastardly deeds, “dastardly deeds” if you know what I mean, and last minute court intrigue for no reason! It’s Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood, a special listener request! Trigger warnings include seriously dodgy depictions of mental illness, Evil Gays, offscreen-before-times sexual assault, awful abusive childhoods, and considerable historical inaccuracy.

Honestly!?: Episode #171 – Always A Bridesmaid Never A Tradwife

On this week’s episode we’re talking about the music we’ve been loving, the recent interest surrounding John Mulaney’s relationship status, the Dear Evan Hansen discourse plaguing Twitter, Chrissy Teigen getting called out for bullying Courtney Stodden, and more!

What Would Danbury Do?
What Would Danbury Do: 28. It’s Far, Beyond the Stars

It’s the morning after the night before, and Colin and Marina’s scandal brings everyone back to London and together for the first time since Daphne and Simon’s wedding. But this is not an episode for happy families – everyone is tense AF. At least there’s always ladies’ night…


– Two women, both alike in fury

– Tongue lashings

– The Byronic Backstory of Colin Bridgerton

– (More) questions of honour

– Period Blood Realness

– The Last Great Taboo in Romance Novels


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