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Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 496. The Invisible Goddess, Part I, with Melody from Heaving Bosoms

Melody is back! Some of our most popular episodes are our crossovers with Heaving Bosoms, and we have a new one for you! We read The Invisible Goddess by AC Dawn, a retelling of the myth of Hestia, goddess of the hearth and home. We had a LOT to talk about, so I’ve divided this into two episodes.

Here in episode one, we’ll recap about half the story, and you’ve got options! You can read the story (it’s not long) before episode two if you like.

Kingdom of Thirst
Kingdom of Thirst: Episode 71: Consort’s Glory

It’s new release time, folks. Abigail’s very own book is hitting your eyeballs soon (-ish), so she decided to talk about it. Somewhat. A little bit. Well… okay. You’ll just have to listen, alright? The CONSORT’S GLORY episode is a strange, personal journey that took a lot to make. Discussion topics include art school, books that take time, math classes, and a brush with mortality. Enjoy. This episode can also be read as an essay (with copious sketchbook photos) here: https://bit.ly/3gkuLxa

Honestly Take One - Episode Four
Honestly!?: Episode #203 – Eat Fresh, Live Mas, Amen

On this week’s episode we’re talking about Search Party, Yellowjackets, our recent reads, the TikTok drama between Brittany Furlan and Tefi, and more!

Click here for where to listen.

Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 360 – Romances to Love for February

Jeff & Will preview thirteen books they’re looking forward to in February, including titles by Cait Nary, A.C. Everett, E.M. Lindsey, Garrett Leigh, Ella Frank, Phil Stamper, Penny Jessup, Jeris Jean, Stephanie Hoyt, Susan Scott Shelley & Chantal Mer, Kosoko Jackson, Kelly Fox, and Parker St. John. Jeff also reviews “Shades of Winter” by E.M. Lindsey, “Gaycation in Paradise” by Ariella Zoelle, and “Icebreaker” by A.L. Graziadei.

SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 179: Kidnapped By the Cult! (Sweet Valley High #82) (with Amanda Montell)

On this very exciting episode, Alli is joined by linguist and cult expert Amanda Montell for a conversation about the eighty-second book in Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High series, Kidnapped By the Cult!, in which they discover that the SVH portrayal of cults is actually pretty accurate. You’ll learn about the history and language of cults, Amanda’s first impression of the Wakefields, teen brain chemistry, and so much more. Plus, Alli and Amanda reminisce on high school angst and mall hangs!

Amanda Montell is a writer, linguist, and author of the critically acclaimed books Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism and Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language. Her writing has appeared in publications like Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, and others. She is also the creator and co-host of the “comedy-cult” podcast Sounds Like a Cult. Amanda grew up in Baltimore, holds a degree in linguistics from NYU, and lives in Los Angeles with her partner, plants, and pets. Follow her on Instagram (@amanda_montell).


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