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Weekend Podcast Guide: Mummies, Dukes and More!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 479. Sweet Dreams Recap: PS I Love You by Barbara Conklin

It’s time! It’s time! This is the first of the Sweet Dreams Romance Recap Project, wherein I am recapping the first twenty Sweet Dreams YA romances, starting with Sweet Dreams #1, P.S. I Love You by Barbara Conklin. This book is a lot. It’s angsty and tragic, but there are some moments I remember so very clearly, and I probably read this more than 30 years ago. This was definitely one of my gateway books. What about you?

Shocked & Applaud: House Part 1: Housenpfeffer Incorporated

It’s a horribly horrible Horror October, Applauders! After a hyped suggestion by Sean (from SeanFasts®), Lydia has chosen the Japanese 1977 horror film directed and produced by Nobuhiko Obayashi, “House” .

If you’re a sadist and would like to follow along, this movie is currently streaming on HBO Max. But, we guarantee this movie is more fun to chat about with friends than it is to actually try and sit through alone.

We’ll let you know some production details, courtesy of Sean, discuss our initial (very opinionated) feelings about the film, and get about 5 minutes into the plot… as ya do.

Lit Wallflowers: School for Dukes – What a Difference a Duke Makes with @bookstakatie

We are attending the School for Dukes and studying “What a Difference a Duke Makes” as our first lesson by Lenora Bell!

Mari Perkins helped a child cross the street, only to have her trunk snatched, and she arrived late to her appointment for a governess position. Superior governess and agency owner Mrs. Trilby did not care of her circumstances and threw her out of her establishment. By chance, another governess stormed into the agency having ran away from unruly twins and Mari saw her chance for a position.

Edgar Rochester, Duke of Banksford, learned that he was a father just recently, but he was too busy designing and building engines. He just found out another governess left and Mari showed up and pretending she got her post from the agency. Having nothing to lose, she made a deal with the duke to prove herself. Without realizing it, the duke finds himself with a beautiful governess.

In true Lenora fashion in serving us pop culture, she melded Mary Poppins and Jane Eyre together and gave us a sweet story of found family and love. And, it true Lit Wallflowers fashion, we reviewed some reviews of this book that we did not agree with. Join us with Duchess Katie as we discuss tradespeople Mari and Edgar!

Click here for where to listen.

You Might Be Wondering How We Got Here: NOAH Vol. II: Issue 6: Dr. Faults Fun…Office?

Having finally made it to Dr. Faults base, our heroes make contact and some face-to-face time is had with the doctor. Will our heroes be persuaded by his offers? Will the horrors that await them break their very minds? Will Funguy pass his physical??? Find out in this issue of NOAH!!!

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: October 8, 2021

How to recognize creative burnout, what to do about it, and how writing every day helps. Also mud-stirring, both the creatively productive kind and the painful emotional variety, and how they can be the same thing.

First Cup of Coffee – October 11, 2021: About the story told in the article Bad Art Friend and its implications for how we approach writing and gleaning details from others that we weave into our stories, including blender settings and not being cruel.

First Cup of Coffee – October 12, 2021: A bit more about Bad Art Friend and the really excellent discussion about it in the New Yorker. Also about kindness, what it means to us, whether it’s a weakness or takes a particular strength of character.

First Cup of Coffee – October 14, 2021:On why we choose the genres we do as newbie writers and how that affects our careers. Also the lone female trope, aka Not Like Other Girls, and how that shows up in various stories and why we need to get rid of it.

Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 338 – Christmas Lights and Halloween Scares with Author Roan Parrish

It’s all about the holiday season as we welcome author Roan Parrish. Roan’s Christmas romance “The Lights on Knockbridge Lane” is the third in the “Garnet Run” series, and is historic because it’s the first time an m/m romance has been a part of a Harlequin series line. We don’t forget about Halloween though as we also discuss Roan’s Audible Original “Strange Company,” a collection of creepy short stories that includes a mix of old and new stories perfect for the season.

Episode 339 – Mega Recommendation Spectacular!: Jeff & Will review books they’ve recently read, including “Light from Uncommon Stars” by Ryka Aoki, “Head to Head” by Eli Easton & Tara Lain, “A Lord to Love” by Sara Dobie Bauer, and “Brook Street: Thief” by Ava March. They also preview 12 upcoming releases by Ariella Zoelle, Max Walker, Kai Butler, J.R. Gray, Edie Montreux, Roe Horvat, Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes, Keira Andrews, Alice Winters, EM Lindsey & Marina Vivancos, Merry Farmer, Noah Steele, Joanna Chambers & Sally Malcolm, and Lauren Blakely.

Kingdom of Thirst: Episode 55: The Mummy Commentary Track: Side A

In what is absolutely the most indulgent episode of Birthday Month, Abigail and bookseller Ali watch THE MUMMY (1999). Really. They watch the movie. This is an actual, honest to goodness commentary track. You’ll want to cue up that good, good flick, and join us for some ribald jokes and lots of dog appearances, because it’s movie time, babes!

Episode 56: The Mummy Commentary Track: Side B: It’s the second part of what is absolutely the most indulgent episode of Birthday Month, in which Abigail and bookseller Ali finish THE MUMMY (1999). Really. They watch the movie. This is an actual, honest to goodness commentary track. You’ll want to cue up that good, good flick, and join us for some ribald jokes and lots of dog appearances, because it’s movie time, babes!

Honestly!?: Episode #189 – I Don’t Wish To Speak Further Of The Spookiness

On this week’s episode we’re continuing our Halloween Spooktacular and talking all about the various ghosts and spirits that are said to haunt Queen’s Park and the Fairmont Banff Springs!

The SSR Podcast: Episode 166: Redwall (with Namina Forna)

The first of Brian Jacques’s twenty-two Redwall books was published in 1986… and it’s about time it gets the SSR treatment! On Episode 166, Alli and her guest chat about the original Redwall installment, in which readers are introduced to the world of Redwall Abbey and Mossflower Woods. They discuss their memories of the series from childhood and the degree to which it has since influenced guest Namina Forna’s work. They also talk about the author’s backstory, epic fantasy tropes, so-called “women’s work,” and their favorite characters and moments from the book.

Namina Forna is the author of The Gilded Ones. Follow her on Instagram (@namina.forna) and Twitter (@NaminaForna).


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