Weekend Podcast Guide: Staying Strong and Goosebumps Books!

Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 440: Laziness Does Not Exist with Dr. Devon Price

I have been so excited to share this interview. Devon Price is the author of Laziness Does Not Exist, which outlines the three main ways in which “the Laziness Lie” deceives us into denying ourselves rest and care. As I said in my review, this is a book with something for everyone: it addresses historical roots of laziness lie in colonialism and capitalism, and looks at productivity myths, diet culture, gender and sexuality, activism fatigue, parenting, relationship management, and self-abuse. Also, Dr. Price has a chinchilla and you must hear us talk about its name.

Couples Talking Couples Podcast
Couple’s Talking Couples: The Little Mermaid

Grab your dinglehopper and meet us in the fathoms below becuse this week Ashley and Ryan are going under the sea and exploring “The Little Mermaid.” Discussion topics include: making deals with the sea mafia, falling in love while concussed and the etiquette of bringing a naked mute stranger you found to your palace.

The Shipping Room
The Shipping Room: Episode 155: Bridgerton

We’re kicking off 2021 with a discussion about Netflix’s newest series, Bridgerton! We break down the sexiness of Simon and Daphne, discuss consent, gush about Anthony and Sienna, talk about why Penelope and Eloise could have been a great ‘ship, and how far we’ve come since the 1800’s…and how much has really stayed the same.

Click here for where to listen.

my imaginary friends
My Imaginary Friends: Restraint and Mental Strength

Staying mentally strong through current events, and using restraint in writing decisions.

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: January 8, 2021

Some hints on upcoming surprises in the newsletter, insights into Astar’s appearance on the cover of THE GOLDEN GRYPHON AND THE BEAR PRINCE, and my 2021 calendar fiasco.

First Cup of Coffee – January 11, 2021: My viralish tweet – why I said snake instead of scorpion – making time to play, updates on revisions, and how it’s a small world.

First Cup of Coffee – January 12, 2021:On finding balance and controlling what you can, buying digital versions of print books I already own and thoughts on my personal theme music. 

First Cup of Coffee – January 14, 2020:Some thoughts on my epic reread of Jacqueline Carey’s KUSHIEL’S DART, how literary styles change over time and wrestling worldbuilding and character backstory. Also maps!

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 281 – Sarina Bowen Introduces “Roommate” and a New Series

Sarina Bowen joins us to talk about her new book “Roommate,” which is an m/m spin off from her “True North” series. She shares why it took her so long to figure how to write Kiernan, a character carrying a lot of secrets. She also discusses the “Vino & Veritas” series, which is one of a number of multi-author series that she is creating inside the “True North” story universe. Sarina previews a little of what’s to come in the multi-book series.

Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 282 – Reviews: Sarina Bowen, Slade James, Zoe Dawn, Max Rowan, E. DaviesThis episode is packed with book reviews as the guys discuss “Roommate” by Sarina Bowen, “The Uncut Wood” by Slade James and three books in the “Rosavia Royals” series: “Throne Together” by Zoe Dawn, “In His Court” by Max Rowan and “Barely Regal” by E. Davies.

SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 128: Night of the Living Dummy (Goosebumps #7) (with David Luzader)

It’s the second week of Manuary, the second episode of 2021, and Alli’s second-ever experience reading one of R. L. Stine’s beloved Goosebumps books!

On Episode 128, SSR takes a spooky look at the seventh book in the iconic series, Night of the Living Dummy, in which we meet a very famous ventriloquist dummy named Slappy. Alli and her guest discuss their personal feelings about and experiences with ventriloquism, the portrayal of sibling rivalry in the book, and the suspension of disbelief necessary in the horror genre. They also chat about the genre, more generally.

David Luzader is an improv comic, long-time podcaster, and winner of America’s Next Top Podcasters Season 2. His two current podcasts are Hit Me One More Time and Movie Go Round. Follow David on Twitter (@davluz).

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