Weekend Podcast Guide: Ultimate Reading List


Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 498. Valentine’s Love, Candy, and Wishes with Amanda

Happy Valentine’s Week! Amanda and I have voicemail messages, updates on tattoos, book and lip balm recommendations, and more! Come hang out with us and nosh on all that half price candy. What candy are you buying?

Thank you to Nancy, Claudia, Jimmy, StylinsonBirds, Leslie, and Ann!

Kingdom of Thirst
Kingdom of Thirst: Episode 73: Shadow’s Edge

In a return to Abigail’s 2012 reading list, this week she and author Amalia Dillin break down SHADOW’S EDGE by J. T. Geissinger! Discussion topics include Cracker Barrel udders, cat people, throwing fridges, the Kentucky of the West, Discovery of Witches, and Mary Sues.

Honestly Take One - Episode Four
Honestly!?: Episode #204 – We Will Always Remember Kiki Dee

On this week’s episode we’re talking about reading slumps, Hype House on Netflix, the musical stylings of Lil’ Huddy, movies that came out years ago, and more!

Click here for where to listen.

Rebel Girls Book Club Logo
Rebel Girls Book Club: Honey Girl

This week Harmony and Maggie talk about Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers. Everyone is Going Through It. Harmony is comforted by the language and message of this book. Maggie gets distracted a little too often by lonely creatures.

Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 362 – Noah Steele’s Small Town Guys

Author Noah Steele talks about his second chance, small town romance “Catch Me If I Fall,” including the inspirations behind Cole and Jasper, the fun he had creating their nostalgia tour, and what went into creating the town of Sugar Hills. Noah also discusses the “Cut to the Feeling” series, and how the media he consumed growing up turned him into the writer he is today. Noah also spins a story about two of his favorite characters going on a Valentine’s date.

SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 181: I Was a Teenage Fairy (with Emma Gray + Claire Fallon)

On Episode 181, Alli and her guests explore Francesca Lia Block’s I Was a Teenage Fairy. They discuss everything from fairy tales and beautiful writing to trauma and masculinity. They also examine what the book is saying about sexuality, size, empathy, and more.

TW: child sexual abuse, sexual assault

Emma Gray and Claire Fallon are co-hosts of Love to See It with Emma and Claire and co-authors of Rich Text. Follow them on Instagram (@claireandemmapod) and Twitter (@lovetoseeitpod).

Emma Gray is the author of A Girl’s Guide to Joining the Resistance. Her work, which focuses on gender, culture, and politics, can also be found in Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, NYLON, and HuffPost. Follow her on Instagram (@emmaladyrose) and Twitter (@emmaladyrose).

Claire Fallon is a books and culture writer. Previously a staff writer at HuffPost, her work can also be found in Vice and Cosmopolitan. Follow her on Instagram (@claireefallon) and Twitter (@ClaireEFallon).
Shocked & Applaud

We go a bit overboard this week, with some deep discussions that will leave you feeling drained. Haha! Water.

We’ll finally get to discuss what a Narf is. So cross that off our bucket list. Plus, Naomi has the hots for people with a stutter.

But who cares? No big deal. You want moooooore? Let’s get to know who the people are.


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