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I don’t know about you but July was a busy month for me. I moved! During a pandemic! Remind me to never do that again! The only saving grace was the handful of books I was able to read were really good! My fellow Frolic contributors read some good ones, too! Check the out and let me know what you read that tickled your fancy in July!

Lisa Ward | The Rivals by Vi Keeland

Sophia and Weston – ka-BOOM!! The chemistry in and out of sexy times was tangible. 

They grew up disliking and distrusting one another. When together, they seem to rub each other the wrong way, which always evolves into rubbing each other the oh-so-right way. What starts out snarky and competitive, turns into hate trysts and enemies with benefits deals.

Vi’s talents go beyond unique storytelling, swoony heroes, strong heroines, and page-turning romance, she hooks me from the first scenes EVERY TIME.

Aurora Dominguez |The Mall by Megan McCafferty

This nostalgic novel, set in a mall in the 1990s, will have you swooning and reminiscing about neon-colored scrunchies and dates at your favorite mall giggling with friends over Orange Julius smoothies and then shopping to your heart’s content. Not to mention, the romance is cute and the characters ones you will fall in love with.

Bree Hill | Back to Delaware by Andrea Hopkins

My favorite July read was Back To Delaware by Andrea Hopkins. Andrea is a new to me author and I’ve basically become obsessed with her! Back to Delaware is a second chance, interracial romance between Delaware King and Zoey. It was my first romance with a pop star story line. Andrea did a fantastic job writing Delaware’s struggle with addiction and showing how one person’s addiction doesn’t just affect them. I loved it so much.

Donna Soluri | Revved to the Maxx by Melanie Moreland

This book isn’t out until September but you should go ahead and get it on your TBR list! It did not disappoint. Revved to the Maxx an age gap story that tells the tale of Maxx Reynolds, the slightly older and definitely grumpy, often grunty owner of a small town auto/motorcycle repair shop. He has his reasons for being so grumpy, and possessive. Charly is the person that answers his online help wanted ad for a Girl Friday type position. Charly thinks Maxx is an old, technology illiterate curmudgeon. I mean, “Girl Friday” is the sort of thing you’d expect your great granddad to say, no? Maxx thinks Charly is a dude when he offers the job and Charly doesn’t correct that assumption. Needless to say, both Maxx and Charly are thrown for a loop when they realize the smoking hot one night stand they just had ends up being the groundwork for their new work situation! I mean smoking hot, earth shattering hook up! Charly is the unabashed ray of sunshine Maxx didn’t realize he needed in his life. I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one sitting and kicked myself for not savoring it longer!

Frolic Coordinator Samantha Martin| Chasing Starlight by Teri Bailey Black

As you all know, I am a YA fanatic! I don’t usually gravitate towards historical fiction, but when I received an ARC of Chasing Starlight, I knew this would be an exception! This glittery YA takes place in 1930s Hollywood and follows Kate, who moves to live with her grandfather and winds up as a producer on a movie set. Swoon. Plus, the author knows what she’s talking about–if you’re looking to learn a thing orr two about old Hollywood, this is the book for you.

Oh, also there’s a murder mystery. 

Pick up this book, you guys. Seriously.

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