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Outlander Season 5 is FINALLY here! We all know that this season is going to go by quickly, probably too quickly and then we will be sitting around waiting for season 6 and the whole thing will just start over again! I will be the first to admit that while Jamie Fraser is probably one of the best things to ever happen (and Sam Heughan doesn’t hurt the eyes either), men in kilts will make you weak in the knees! So while you enjoy this season of Outlander, here are some other Highlanders you should check out. 

The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne

This is book three in the Victorian Rebel series (which you should 10000000% go read). We first meet Mena in book two, The Hunter. We learn then that her life is anything but simple and pretty. Abused, used and tossed away by her husband, she escapes to Scotland and under a *semi* new identity, she becomes the much-needed governess for The Demon Highlander/Laird Liam Mackenzie’s children. So, why this book? Liam Mackenzie actually admits that he was a neglectful husband and father and that he is trying to do better on the home front. We love a man who admits that he messed up and takes full responsibility for his mistakes!

Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

Nothing says “true love” like being forced (like literally forced) by the King to marry your clan’s biggest enemy’s daughter, for the good of Scotland and all that. Not to mention that everyone thinks (including her own family and clan) that she’s “touched”. Semi spoiler – she’s not, she’s deaf. This is a very cool story simply because one our MC has a hearing impairment but that doesn’t stop her from learning to read lips by herself and prove everyone wrong (including her now husband). Oh right, there’s love and all that too, and then when you think everything is smooth sailing for the new lovebirds, things go bottoms up real fast! 

** On a personal note- there is a second book and it is also highly addicting!!!**

The Devil Wears Kilts by Suzanne Enoch

Change can be a few things, it can be necessary, it can be good, and it can change what defines you. Like any relationship give and take are a necessary and that’s exactly what these two crazies not so love birds do! Ranulf MacLawry and Lady Charlotte Hanover must figure out who they are not only to each other, but really figure out who they are in the world. There are a lot of high emotions going on, second chances on love and life, and hot, hot, *adult fun*

A Laird for All Time by Angeline Fortin

I had to include time travel Scottish romance! While vacationing, alone, Dr. Emmy MacKenzie travels to Scotland before taking up her new and very fancy doctor job (she’s an ob/gyn!). Because time is a funny thing, Emmy is hurled back about a hundred years, where she is mistaken for Laird Connor MacLean wife, who left him ten years earlier. Emmy and Connor learn more about each other, about what being married means, and that secrets aren’t good! Then time throws Emmy back into present day where she must figure out if she wants to stay in the present, alone or come to terms with what her heart tells her.

A Highlander Walks into a Bar by Laura Trentham
A Highlander Walks Into a Bar by Laura Trentham

What do you do when your mom brings home an actual Scotsman as her souvenir from her trip to Scotland? Remember, you’re in Georgia, and manners are everything! You slap on a smile and offer him sweet tea, duh! But then what do you do when his very hot nephew shows up looking for him? If you like your sweet tea twisted, then this is the book for you! It’s a true rom com that’ll have you laughing and getting embarrassed for the characters.
**the second book to this series was just released!

Do you have a favorite highlander that make you want to run away to Scotland!?

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