What to Read if You Miss Divergent


If you’re like me, Divergent (2011) completely destroyed your life and left you with a broken heart and perpetual desire to tattoo those three ravens onto your neck. Wait, was it just me that dressed up as the main character no less than four times: once for Halloween, twice for screenings, and once for senior spirit day? 

Don’t answer that. 

If you’re curious, here’s a photo:


Anyways, Divergent may always hold an incredibly special place in my heart, but there are hundreds of other amazing YA dystopian novels out there. Here are four that will satisfy your Divergent craving!

Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn

I fell in love with this book from the first page. In a world in which everyone can hear each other’s thoughts, Kira can’t hear anyone’s. And because no one can hear hers, either, she’s seen as shady and untrustworthy. But everything changes when she meets bad boy Simon, who teaches her that her power goes way beyond reading minds. The bad boy and lowkey superpowers make this a perfect pick to get your Divergent fix.

Starters by Lissa Price

Easily one of the creepiest dystopians I’ve ever read! Starters follows teen Callie as she struggles to keep her brother and best friend alive amid a global apocalypse. She agrees to work as a “starter,” a body rented to the old so they can feel young again. Nothing is as it seems, and having her body inhabited by a stranger is going to be the least of her worries! This book really reminded me of the serum element in Divergent. I absolutely loved it!


Okay, so…I wrote this one. It’s about a girl named Lydia who is taken to a creepy boarding school against her will. It has a brooding hero, lots of shiny sci-fi tech and of course, a shady villain. There are few things I love more than a good slow-burn romance while the characters are quite literally running for their lives!

Insignia by SJ Kincaid

This is a space odyssey like no other! In a world where wars have moved off-planet, the main characters are being trained to control giant spaceships. The kooky cast of characters and the intense training that they go through to get ready for the epic final battle makes for an addicting scifi novel that you won’t be able to put down!

Which of these will you dive into first?


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