What’s the Kinkiest Book You’ve Ever Read?


“Can you recommend a super kinky book?”

It’s not an off-the-wall question when you blog about erotic romance, erotica, and sex toys. The challenging part for me is which books to recommend.

Most people usually mean a romance book with very explicit, high-heat scenes. Scenes that basically give you the playbook to recreate the it in the comfort of your bedroom (or kitchen floor)–but without the characters’ emotional angst.

If you think kink is limited to BDSM, you’re missing out! Kink is defined as any sexual practices, concepts, or fantasies that isn’t part of the social norm. Anything that isn’t missionary heterosexual intercourse counts.

The type of kink that gets your juices flowing is very personal. Much in the same way that you may adore secret baby romances while your BFF prefers fake engagement ones. Besides BDSM, there’s menage, reverse harem, edging, and so many more.

The most important thing to remember about kink is don’t yuck someone’s yum. Just because something doesn’t turn you on, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. What’s important is that the interaction is consensual and safe. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics about kink, how does that fit in with erotic romances and erotica? 

Recommending a “kinky” book to a friend is tricky if you don’t know what types of kink turn them on. I asked my Bawdy Bookworms Insiders community to share their experiences with books they consider kinky. Not surprisingly, their reactions were varied.

Some readers are open to anything and everything, while others read books that stretched their comfort zones. They skimmed the scenes that made them uncomfortable.  One person even read scenes with only one eye open! Notice that no one said they DNF’d a sex scene or book because it was too kinky for them.

I bet you’re dying to know which books came up in our conversation. Because who doesn’t want to explore their kinks or learn about new ones? Erotic romance and erotica are exciting and safe ways to “try out” a new-to-you fantasy.

See if any of these one-handed reads are for you:

Safeword: Matte by Candace Blevins

Samantha is a badass whose hobby is learning various fighting disciplines. She’s also a sexual submissive who seeks a Dom that she can’t beat in a fight. After failed attempts of dating men who can give her what she wants, she vows to give up dating. You can guess what happens next right?

Kinks include: bondage, sadomasochism, dominance/submission

Three-Way Split by Elia Winters

Sex shop owner Hannah doesn’t want or need a relationship. Even though she’s got an armoire of toys for her physical needs, she shamelessly flirts with sex chef Mitchel and his best friend and lover Ben. Life becomes much more exciting when she makes a proposition that will benefit all three.

Kinks include: menage, dominance, submission, sex toys, and more!

The Red by Tiffany Reisz

This might be one of the most recommended titles in our Insiders group. Mona agrees to submit to a mysterious man for a year so she can save her art gallery. It doesn’t hurt that she’s attracted to his–everything. Each of their scenes is inspired by a piece of historical artwork. You’ll never look at art the same way again!

Kinks include: voyeurism, non-traditional sex toys, humiliation, and more (no spoilers)

Have you read a book so kinky that you had to skim the sex scenes?

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