Why Romance Novels with Rescue Animals are Swoon-Worthy

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[Note From Frolic: We have a thing for novellas. A BIG thing. In the next installment of an ongoing series, we bring you a post from author Jennifer Probst, whose novella ‘Something Just Like This‘ with our friends at 1001 Dark Nights  is out now!]

I have to admit it.

I’m obsessed with my dog.

As a writer, I have no one else to talk with all day. My dog is not only my companion, but my best friend, confidante, and plot helper.

Now that my boys are older and can take care of themselves, when I’m away at a conference or signing, I Facetime my pup.

Not my kids.

My passion for rescue animals isn’t just narrowed to canines. They include every creature, from cats to horses to fowl. And I’m not afraid to admit I adore weaving rescue animals into my romance novels—I feel like there are so many opportunities to explore within the story.

Is there anything like a big, strong alpha male cradling a tiny Chihuahua in his arms? Or the slow breaking down of barriers between the hero and heroine, while a beloved animal looks on as witness? How about a protective rescue chicken defending his mistress at all costs? And the smart-ass feline who pretends to give the hero a hard time, but ends up falling for him?

These secondary characters and subplots add depth and humor, also allowing the reader to glimpse a secret part of the hero and heroine that may be hidden to us.

The possibilities are endless. Besides taking on the challenge of weaving these stories into my books, I adore reading romances that include my furry friends.

Here’s a few I recommend:

1. The Dogfather series by Roxanne St. Claire

Hot older men, rescue dogs, emotional romance, and great writing. This series a total win/win

2. Who Rescued Who by Victoria Schade

I was lucky enough to grab an ARC of this book and it was perfection. A smart romance with a heroine who has firm ideas of what she doesn’t want—including a very cute puppy that helps her change her mind about her life. It’s charming and funny and I highly recommend pre-ordering this one.

3. Playing For Keeps by Jill Shalvis

Shalvis is well known to incorporate stories with rescue dogs, and this one is an animal lover’s dream. The romance revolves around sharing custody for an adorable rescue dog. Need I say more?

4. Atticus by Sawyer Bennett

There is simply no way you can NOT fall in love with the goofy, mischievous pup called Atticus, and watching the heroine change and grow on her journey from the moment she rescues him is a pleasure to read. I love how this one decision to keep a lost puppy changes her entire future, and I’m sure you will, too.

5. Something Just Like This by Jennifer Probst, out today!

Yeah, this is me. This new installment in my STAY series – which can be read as a complete standalone—features a bunch of rescue animals that always make me laugh. You will meet my famous Polish chicken, Hei-Hei, who will charm you with his antics. It’s also an office romance that includes politics and a bit of scandal. How can you go wrong?

Grab your furry friend, a cocktail, and a warm blanket. Snuggle up for some me time before the holidays hit.

There’s nothing as satisfying as rescue animals, romance, and a satisfying happy ending.

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2 thoughts on “Why Romance Novels with Rescue Animals are Swoon-Worthy”

  1. Love Roxanne St.Claire’s Dogfather and Dogmother series. Love that she features rescue dogs on her covers!!!

  2. Angela Ferguson

    I’m looking for a romance novel with a sheriff and a lady who inherits a farm for unwanted misfit animals. It has a hairless emu, llama or an alpaca (sorry, I don’t remember which one). It was a series. It has been several years since I’ve read the book and I can’t remember the title. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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