Why Twitter Needs Netflix to Renew Anne with an E


Fans are rallying after the news dropped that Netflix has cancelled the beloved show Anne with an E. We took to Twitter to ask superfans why the show means so much to them. We’re rooting for you guys! #RenewAnneWithAnE.

@flynnspuppy says…

“Because from the time I was very young, I saw myself in Anne and she gave me the gift of hope. I want to see her story continue and keep growing up with her as we both navigate the world and stay true to our beautiful and ✨ most unusual ✨ selves. #RenewAnneWithAnE #renewawae.”

@priceofmxgic says…

“There is such a shortage of happy, positive, uplifting, emotional, character-based shows. Most showrunners try to be flashy or dark. But the world needs shows like this. The world needs these lessons in love and hope and acceptance. And I need more #shirbert. #renewannewithane”

@zaybaybayeh says…

“Because this story is an incredible timeless classic of hope, love, loss, grief, coming of age, found family, and the representation that makes us stronger #renewannewithane #renewawae”

@arborealstops says…

“AWAE gave us the historical representation that other shows don’t. It showed us that no matter who we are, we have existed. We’ve been here before. And just like before, we’ll get through it. It empowers young people, teaches them to make change and to stand up, it teaches love, it teaches patience, it teaches family and childhood. It’s a bright spot in a world that is just too dark, and it brings hope an optimism. Anne’s story is obviously a timeless one, and it deserves to live on, and to teach others the same way it’s been teaching us for all three seasons.”

@kingaslens says…

“Because Anne constantly reminds me to appreciate life and fight even when everything feels awful, reminds me that to be strong is to be gentle and spread love. All these storylines inspire me to dream big and always look for beauty and hope. And those characters are my second family. And this world really needs positive, hopeful stories, told with such care and compassion.”

@anneblyythe says…

“This show has honestly saved me, which i know sounds silly, but with everything that went on behind the scenes in my life, i always had this show to look forward to, i love it so much and it’s taught me so many lessons and has boosted my confidence so much, i need it back so bad. It’s helped me with so much and i appreciate it so much, it’s got me into reading again, ive started to appreciate myself more because of how inspiring this is, this show is inspiring for everyone and it needs the chance to reach out to even more people across the world.”

Why do YOU want to see Anne with an E renewed? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @onfrolic.


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