#WomenCrushWednesday: Five Webcomics with Kickass Heroines You Need to Read Right Now


[Note from Frolic: Our friends at Tapas are guest posting on the site today! They’ve rounded up some must-read webcomics. Take it away, guys!]

Have you heard? July is romance-fantasy month at Tapas! If you haven’t, where have you been?! Tapas is bringing you exclusive romance-fantasy series with badass female leads. 

Here’s who we’re crushing on: 

A Tender Heart Tapas
Evelina from A Tender Heart

Evelina may be the side character in the novel she’s been plopped into, but she’ll captivate your heart with her tender lovin’. She is cunning and navigates this new world with unwavering confidence and optimism. She’s the woman who does it all and she’s changing the story her way day by day. Her love language is acts of service, and her love for Liandro is tough but unconditional. Evelina’s definitely a keeper. 

Melissa from Beware the Villainess

Melissa is a force to be reckoned with. She’s unwilling to tolerate any bullsh*t, especially not from her joke of a fiancé, the crown prince with an “adultery fetish” (Melissa’s words, not ours). Her motto is pretty much “I can’t even” though she revels in the drama (who doesn’t?) She’s as terrifying as she is alluring, but you can’t help rooting for this boss lady. Don’t say you haven’t been warned– lovers and enemies, beware! 

Sasha from The Antagonist’s Pet

Sasha is your go-to bestie for life. She’s not only surviving but also thriving in the world of elites and gets away with a lot because of her cute demeanor (let’s be real, ‘pet’ is a huge understatement). She’s that best friend that roots for you and empowers you to want better for yourself, especially when it comes to dumb boys who aren’t treatin’ you right. 

Pollyanna from The Knight and Her Emperor

If you loved Mulan, Pollyanna’s your girl! Her family’s plan might have been to leave her to die in war, but she’s a fighter, literally! With the proper training, Pollyanna becomes someone you for sure don’t want to mess with. This independent girl is taking everything she’s been through and channeling her inner warrior. She’s tougher and stronger than most of the men around her, and she’ll be your ride-or-die. Don’t overlook this one!

Sabina from Empress of Another World

Sabina is a survivor. Those around her may say her destiny is to become the pig-faced emperor’s fifteenth concubine, but she will not go down lightly. When the emperor is assassinated before her eyes, she cuts a deal with the assassin (spoiler alert: he’s also the crown prince) to ensure her own survival. The Oscar for Best Actress most definitely goes to Sabina, as she’s got to be the most convincing accomplice! 

Who’s your #WCW from July Romance Fantasy Month? https://tapas.io/newsfeed/99

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