Your Real Life RomCom, According to Your Venus Sign

Your Real Life RomCom, According to Your Venus Sign

By Valaer Murray Goldsworthy

Venus is the planet of partnerships and romance, and where it is placed in your astrological birth chart tells you about your relationship style and romantic needs. By that same token, it can give you an idea of how you are most likely to fall in love. To find out what sign Venus was in at the time of your birth check out this chart, and keep your eyes peeled for your next great chance at love.

Venus in Aries

Aries is the first sign of the horoscope, so it’s like a fearless but impatient child. When your Venus is in this sign, you may not know when to hold back. Emotions hit you like ton of bricks, making you the perfect target for love at first sight. Think of when Scott Pilgrim meets Ramona Flowers for the first time in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World -- the crowd parts, he spots her and *boom* that’s it for him. Along those lines, watch out for a tendency to be impatient, a tad jealous and competitive in matters of the heart. You don’t want to scare away the object of your affection.

Venus in Taurus

When your Venus is in Taurus, you’re someone that loves to be in love. You also expect all the bells and whistles. A traditionalist in the courtship phase, dating for you is a slow process with plenty of time for candlelit dinners, thoughtful gifts, and, of course, extensive cuddles. Having chemistry is requirement number one, but, as a stickler for tradition, your relationship style may have more in common with a classic love story like My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Notting Hill. There’s something in the way that Ian puts up with Toula’s over-the-top family, or Will Thacker’s awkward but winning public declarations of love that give you those warm fuzzies that are a must-have.

Venus in Gemini

For someone with Venus in Gemini, falling in love is a meeting of the minds. Having flirty exchanges full of witty repartee and sexual innuendo is your relationship catnip. Like in When Harry Met Sally, you don’t always listen to your heart, so love affairs can take a little while to get off the ground, but you’re in no rush as long as you’re having fun. Because you lead with your head, you, too, could become best of friends until one day you suddenly realize the perfect person has been right there the whole time.

Venus in Cancer

It’s said that people with their Venus in Cancer, the sign of home and hearth, often get married early. Really, you just need to feel comfortable with whoever you have your eye on before indulging in your two fave relationship rites of passage: nesting and unburdening your heart. For instance, Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones's Diary had known Mark Darcy from childhood, but it was only until he told her that he liked her “just as you are” that she began to acknowledge her feelings for him. Or like in Sweet Home Alabama, Melanie realizes she can truly be herself with childhood sweetheart Jake, and that’s the clincher for her.

Venus in Leo  

A one-night stand that turns into an ongoing affair is the way someone with Venus in Leo likes to kick off a relationship -- with a bang. The high drama and highjinks that ensue are as good as foreplay when you have this Venus sign placement. Passion, playfulness and perhaps some slightly exhibitionist PDA are musts, so your love story might resemble the sexy meetups and can’t-keep-them-apart attraction between Jamie and Dylan in Friends With Benefits.

Venus in Virgo

Serious, innocent and tender are words that could describe the dating life of a person with Venus in Virgo. Your crush may have caught your eye because he or she helped an old lady cross the street or waited politely for passengers to get off the train before boarding. More likely than not, you were too shy to make a move, so what’s called for is the classic romcom moment called the makeover, preferably a montage like the one in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. While getting his chest partially waxed doesn’t necessarily give him a needed boost of confidence, Andy’s ability to finally connect with people allows him to let down his defenses and ask Trish out.

Venus in Libra

With a placement of Venus in Libra, the planet’s ultimate home, a fairytale romance like Pretty Woman is what’s called for. You won’t stop your search for love until you find the perfect union. Affectionate and sensual, your relationship style is so classic, you don’t need to find your mate through traditional means, but you do need your affair to be all-consuming.

Venus in Scorpio  

Sexy mind games fuel the fire for Venus in Scorpio. Seductive and mysterious like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their double lives, the Venus placement in Scorpio loves a power play to keep things interesting. Along with that, there’s an intensity and intimacy that you long for, but you may find your relationship riddled with challenges like the class differences between Andie and Blane in Pretty in Pink. For you, stripping away at those differences reveals your true self -- and true love.

Venus in Sagittarius

If you’ve got Venus in Sagittarius, look outside your immediate environment for your next relationship. When you’re in a new place, your heart really sings. For you, love is bright, optimistic and knows no boundaries. Take the seeming mismatch between Dirty Dancing’s Baby and Johnny -- their connection brings out the best in both of them. With Venus in Sagittarius, love can be transformative, like a How Stella Got Her Groove Back moment, and it’s best when you didn’t see it coming.

Venus in Capricorn

A Venus in Capricorn placement means that your heart feels fullest when you are working hard towards a goal and you feel efficient and in charge, so an office romance is so right for you. In The Wedding Planner, Steve and Mary may have met by chance on the street when her heel gets stuck, but they fall for each other while Mary’s busy proving what an incredible wedding coordinator she is -- and she denies her feelings as she attempts to be the consummate professional.

Venus in Aquarius

The dating life of someone with Venus in Aquarius is bound to be unconventional and thoroughly modern. It may even border on a transcendental experience like that of Joel and Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Memories erased, you could still keep falling in love with the same person. Your most intense relationships are very cerebral and will likely teach you something about the human condition. They’ll also probably involve social media in the way that The Incredible Jessica James does, reminding you that post-modern dating is still just dating.

Venus in Pisces

Where there’s a Venus in Pisces, there’s a manic pixie dream girl (or boy), and it’s going to be either you or them. Like in Garden State, the impossibly quirky but loveable love interest may help you throw vagueness out the window and commit to a life well lived. Or maybe you’re the Breakfast at Tiffany’s muse to a romantic drifter who is inspired by your je nais se quoi. Either way, your relationship style is creative, offbeat and utterly romantic.

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