Exclusive: Meant for Me by Tay Marley Excerpt

We are so excited to bring you this exclusive exceprt from Meant for Me by Tay Marley!

About Meant for Me:

Reeling from the sudden loss of her older sister—her only family—Addie May flees Los Angeles without a plan or a destination, and ends up in Georgetown, Texas. Lost and alone, she’s taken in by some kind local ranchers, and there she meets farm hand Zac Ryan, who starts to cut through the grief and pain and show Addie that she has something to live for.

But the small town holds more than just a fresh start for Addie. Fate has brought her face-to-face with a piece of her past, and she can no longer ignore the parts of herself she thought she’d left behind. Without knowing what’s on the horizon, Addie must find the strength to move towards her dreams. Because healing happens when you let love in, and life happens when you start living it.

Frolic-Exclusive Excerpt:

Zac stepped in close, his gaze focused on my mouth, and the world around us faded out. My heart had never beat harder. My entire body was alight with anticipation, and my lips parted. There had never been a moment in life that I’d gravitated so hard toward a man, as if I was powerless against the pull. There were a dozen reasons I’d told myself we shouldn’t kiss, but none of them came to mind as he kept his eyes locked on mine and took the hose from my hand, dropping it in the grass. 

One hand slid onto my waist, and with the other one, he lifted the cap off my head and put it on backward. He never broke focus, not for a moment as he lowered his hand and palmed my nape, fingers curling around the back of my neck. 

“You mind if I kiss you, Addie?” 

My breathing was harsh as my tongue flicked out at my lip, and his attention zeroed in on it, his fingers tightening on me. 

Zac lowered his face and tilted my head to the side so his lips could coast along my jaw. “Can I kiss you, Addie?” he whispered, sounding like a man undone. 

I didn’t get to finish the word before his mouth crashed down on mine, and my knees weakened to the point I thought I might lose my balance. Zac’s hands lowered, his arms wrapping right around me and tugging me hard into him. Our bodies were flush, not an inch of space between us as our tongues collided, and I got the first taste of what I’d been reading about all these years. 

I pushed my hands into his hair and lifted onto my tiptoes, desperate to get closer, to have more, to sate this insane need that I’d never felt before now. Zac deepened the kiss, his hands sweeping from my back to my waist to my hips and back up to my ribs. It was like he couldn’t decide where it felt best to settle. His hands were so large, consuming me. Holding the nape of my neck, he inched back, capturing my bottom lip between his and sucking it. Then he rested his forehead on mine, his breathing harsh. I still had a grip on his hair, and I kissed him again, just one rough kiss that made him groan, the sound reverberating in my core. He deepened the kiss again, holding my jaw and angling my face so he could swipe his tongue into my mouth and taste me completely, as if he wanted to be familiar with every ridge and corner. We stood under the sun, the hose pouring into the grass at my feet while we grabbed at each other, kissing so desperately I felt half insane. I couldn’t get enough, my body arching into his as if I could disappear, folded in by him and his consuming hold. 

I pulled back enough that I could see his face. My hands held his shoulders, his hands held my face, and both of us were breathing hard and fast. I’d never been kissed like that before, like I was someone’s reckoning. 

About the Author:

Tay Marley wears many hats: bibliophile, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and featured Wattpad author. Her whirlwind journey on Wattpad began in 2017 and led to one hundred thousand dedicated followers, a five-part series, and three stand-alone books, including her breakout story, The QB Bad Boy and Me, which have amassed over forty-one million reads. She resides in New Zealand with her husband. When she isn’t writing about confident women and their love interests, she’s teaching her three small children how to be the leads in their own epic tales.


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