The Know-How: Building Your Instagram Brand



Learn how to style the perfect bookstagram, with Folded Pages Distillery @foldedpagesdistillery in Frolic’s second installment of its popular Know-How series. Hikari Loftus, the creator of Folded Pages Distillery, joins The Know-How to share insights and inspiration for the perfect shot that brings a book to life. She will share her secrets on the best way of building your personal brand.  She will share her expertise on picking a color palette designing the perfect flat lay, crafting copy and how to amplify your brand through Instagram stories

The insights are valuable for bookstagrammers just starting out or looking to up their game, and anyone hoping to create more compelling Instagram posts.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Growing Your Brand on Instagram

Writer, journalist, and bookstagramer, Hikari from @foldedpagesdistillery gives a rundown of everything you’re going to learn in The Know-How Series: Building Your Instagram Brand

Lesson 2: Identifying Your Brand

Hikari gives you the essential steps on how to get started from the idea stage to execution in creating your own identity and brand

Lesson 3: Photo Prop Essentials

Hikari talks about props to create the perfect flat lay. She delves into where to find the best props on a budget and what props not to use, Hikari provides inspiration and education in how to set yourself up for success in your photos.

Lesson 4: How to Style A Flat Lay Photo

Hikari goes over the basics of designing flat lay photos, and how best to light them for Instagram.

Lesson 5: Crafting Your Copy

Learn the ins and outs of crafting Instagram copy including how to incorporate brand deals and hashtags.

Lesson 6: Amplify Your Brand with Instagram Stories

Hikari talks about the importance of Instagram stories and how to execute them.

Lesson 7: Brand Outreach and Partnerships

Hikari outlines the do’s and don’ts of reaching out to brands and companies for partnership opportunities.

Lesson 8: Growing Your Instagram

From finding fans to figuring out the Instagram algorithm to varying your uploads, Hikari touches upon the essentials for making your numbers grow.

Lesson 9: Conclusion

Hikari recaps the course in the season conclusion.


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