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The Know-How features bestselling authors Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, the New York Times and #1 international bestselling romance author duo known as Christina Lauren. The writers and self-proclaimed best friends discuss their unique writing process, keeping characters fresh, crafting steamy love scenes together, and more in the video-based 9-part series. “Creative Writing with Christina Lauren” will also give fans and aspiring writers a glimpse into their personal highs and lows.

Christina and Lauren talk about the history of their favorite characters and novels and some that never made it to the page. The “Q’s” segment at the end of each module offers a lighthearted, and unvarnished view on Christina and Lauren’s POV in writing, friendship, and their writing journey. The Know How with Christina Lauren is 1 hour and 45 minutes of expert tips, advice, and anecdotes to educate and inspire your writing journey.

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Lesson One: Introduction

Meet Christina Lauren, bestselling author duo, who welcome you to the series and share the topics and tools they’ll cover in the course to help you write your novel. They also share some great personal stories about their journey to becoming the authors and growing their careers.

Lesson Two: Getting Started: Why Are You Doing It

Christina and Lauren help you attack the blank page with easy steps to get started. They cover ways to get inspired, finding your voice, setting realistic goals, creating your workspace and more.  

Lesson Three: The Writing Process:  Identifying Story and Plot

Christina and Lauren take you through steps to hone your idea, character mapping, specific ways to outline the story, and what it takes to keep your story and characters consistent.

Lesson Four: Time To Write!

Christina and Lauren talk about the drafting and revision process. They take you through goal setting and how they have found success by creating smaller goals to get you to finish that first draft. The duo also talks about their partnership and collaborating with others.

Lesson Five:  How To Write A Sex Scene

Christina and Lauren talk about the different ways to write sex scenes. They breakdown how the sex scene should move the emotional journeys of your characters. They discuss dialogue as well as various tips and tricks to help you put down on paper the intent of your sex scene. You won’t want to miss their number one tip on what to do if you’re feeling embarrassed while writing sex!

Lesson Six: Tropes

Christina and Lauren walk you through some of the most popular tropes in romance writing and discuss how you can make them your own. They share ways to mix and match tropes, how to not write to trends and a few of their favorite tropes found in their novels.  

Lesson Seven: Revisions. They Suck…But They Are Necessary.

Christina and Lauren go in-depth into the revision process, a crucial part of shaping the story. They give tips on how to get the most out of your pre-readers as well as giving you the tools and advice on how to take feedback and ask the right questions during this critical phase. They also walk through the editing process and discuss how to find the best editors for your book. Finally, they discuss the differences between self-publishing as well as traditional publishing avenues.  

Lesson Eight: Fails! We All Have Them

Failure is a part of writing. Join Christina and Lauren as they confess to some of their biggest fails and talk specifically about some their most famous books that have been written and fails that happened in the process of getting them done including books that never made it to the page and what happened along the way.

Lesson 9: Conclusion

Christina and Lauren wrap up the course with some great advice on how to build your brand and work with the community to get the word out.


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