Twelve of the Hottest Vampires to Ever Bless Our Screens

Twelve of the Hottest Vampires to Ever Bless Our Screens

‘Tis the season to go vampire hunting. Usually it’s the other way around, but hey, we can dream, right? Thanks to the literary genius of several supernatural loving authors, today’s portrait of a vampire is much different than it used to be. Remember the original Dracula? Not too pretty. Now, vampires are hot as can be—so much so that it’s really hard to choose which one is the hottest. 

We’ve got you covered, because we narrowed down the list for you. We couldn’t pick a winner, because they’re all so good looking, but at least we made it a little easier to decide which one takes the cake (or neck). In no particular order, here are 12 of the hottest vampires of all time.

1. Jasper Cullen 

Get ready to see a lot of Twilight’s Cullen boys on this list, because they are all hot with a capital H. Jasper is a unique kind of hot. In human form, he’d be the hot hipster that is totally underrated but low-key extremely good looking. We all could use a Jasper in our lives. Alice is a lucky girl! 

Twelve of the Hottest Vampires to Ever Bless Our Screens
2. Damon Salvatore

Thank goodness the Vampire Diaries series was adapted into a TV series, because life without Damon Salvatore would be pretty dull. Who wouldn’t want to stare into his eyes all day? On the show, he sports the classic V-neck for all to enjoy, but we are never complaining when he takes it off. 

Laurent Twilight
3. Laurent 

What is it about the villainous vampires that make them so very attractive? 

Brad Pitt Vampire
4. Brad Pitt

Say what?! Yep, Brad Pitt was a vampire back in the day. In vampire costume, he lost some of his womanizer charm, but it is Brad Pitt after all. He can pull off just about anything, so we’ll give it to him. He starred in Interview with a Vampire with none other than Tom Cruise. 

edward cullen
5. Edward Cullen

Swift, cunning, and sometimes super creepy, Edward Cullen is a Twilight fan favorite. When he captured Bella’s heart, he also captured the hearts of millions of fans. Team Edward or Jacob? It’s hard to say, but we’d be crazy if we didn’t add Edward to this list. 

6. Emmett Cullen

Twilight had to feature at least one buff, manly man of a vampire, and that would be Mr. Emmett Cullen. Sorry guys, he’s taken! He’s happily married to Rosalie, who is drop-dead gorgeous, but we can still admire him from afar. 

Marcel Gerard
7. Marcel Gerard

Smart, tragic and so very hot, Marcel is the king of the New Orleans vampire scene. He gives even Klaus Mikaelson a run for his money.

Lestat de Lioncourt
8. Lestat de Lioncourt

We’re going back in time for this bad boy. In Queen of the Damned, Lestat de Lioncourt has major sexy, shirtless bad boy vibes that most early 2000s vampires couldn’t pull off. He may not be a Cullen, but he certainly inspired a sex appeal among the bloodthirsty crew. 

angel buffy the vampire slayer
9. Angel

Rewind to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Angel dropped jaws and stole the hearts of all kinds of fang-loving fans. Angel isn’t your typical Twilight-esque pale & sparkly vampire. Instead, he’s a muscular hunk with a side of fangs. Buffy may not take him, but we definitely will.  

Eric Northman
10. Eric Northman

The cast of True Blood is collectively good looking, but there’s something special about Eric Northman. Blonde hair and blue eyes—he’s the portrait of a Swedish stud. Not to mention, he doesn’t really like wearing clothes too often. Lucky us! 

11. Stefan Salvatore

Another Salvatore? Absolutely! It’s a close tie between these two, so they both make it to the list, of course. He may not be as edgy as his brother Damon, but he has a heart of gold. Bonus points for being a total gentleman!

12. Michael Emerson

You’re not a vampire expert if you don’t bring Lost Boys into the running. Michael Emerson is into three things: Weights, motorcycles, and girls. What do we love most about him? His ‘80s hair and those dreamy blue eyes. Not to mention, he’s actually a pretty good guy—for a vampire! 


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which vampire is hottest of them all? We’ve got several bloodsucking winners here, but it’s up to you to decide. With Halloween spirit in the air, it’s the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch for a good vampy binge-watch. So you tell us, which vampire do you think is the hottest? 

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17 thoughts on “Twelve of the Hottest Vampires to Ever Bless Our Screens”

  1. You left Jerry Dandridge from the original FRIGHT NIGHT off your list. There was a hott vampyre!!

  2. ✨Major Jasper Whitlock Hale✨ being the first one I saw is lowkey the reason I’m still here

  3. Ummmmmmm……..we forgot Carlisle Cullen bc everyone know he was lowkey the best looking man in the movies. Only Jasper is up for debate to surpass Carlisle, but I’m Team Carlisle so I’m a bit biased

  4. So we mentioned Alexander Skarsgard, what about Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer very sexy.) I agree about Luke Evans and Gerard Butler. Allso what about Stephen Townsend played Lestat in Queen of the Damned with another Vampire Marius Victor Perez and Akasha who passed away in 2001 a plane crash. RIP.

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