Dream Casting: ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’

Sarah J. Mass

I wrote this post back in June … but the only thing that has changed is if you’re on twitter. If you’re on that social media platform, you might’ve seen the “dicksoap kerfluffle.” I don’t know anything about that subscription box, but I do want to say … the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy is NOT YA. I know, I know, it’s published by Bloomsbery YA. I actually put off reading it for some time because I thought, considering the publisher and the labeling it was young adult, until people promised me it wasn’t. And they were right. I have also heard that when the book was sent out it was sent with disclaimers that there was adult content. (And there definitely is. I’d say this series falls more into adult high fantasy romance.) While the main character is 19 at the beginning of the book, there are a lot of things that make her seem older. (I explain that below.) Then, other than Feyre’s family, the other characters are literally centuries old. Tamlin is “young” at a few hundred.

If you’ve read the series by Sarah J. Maas, you probably know this wonderful trilogy has been slated to become a movie(s). It seems so far only book one is slated for a movie but … I’m going with the main characters of the series, and casting who I think could be a good fit for them. (Although when it comes to book adaptations I sometimes want an “unknown” actor so there are no associations to the person/part for me.) I’m going with some of the main characters from A Court of Thorns and RosesA Court of Mist and Fury, as well as A Court of Wings and Ruin.

Obviously a lot of hair dye, color contacts, and/or CGI would have to be used… but I’m going with the gist of it.


Feyre is our main character. She’s 19. I kind of love the idea of Olivia Wilde playing her … and I think it would work if her eye make up was less dramatic – especially since it says she looks older, and harder than both of her older sisters. (I kind of like the idea of someone you wouldn’t expect playing her though, like Sarah Hyland.) The book says she and her sisters have “gold brown hair” and another character describes them as having “bronze” hair. While she’s the youngest sister she’s also been the sole provider for her family for at least five years. Even though her father is still around, he can’t go out and hunt as he was badly beaten and left crippled. There are also other factors that come into play, but I don’t want to add spoilers.

Emilia Clarke

Elain is the middle sister, and I can see her being played by Emilia Clarke. She’s lovely, and kind, ever the peacemaker … and for a lot of the series she’s … shall we say, blank. I think it would work.


Nesta I believe is 22, and harder – strong willed. Rose Byrne for whatever reason keeps coming to mine. Although Troian Bellisario keeps coming to mind too. And believe it or not … she’s 32 – almost 33. (I think we all associate her with being younger since she was in Pretty Little Liars.)

Jason Isaacs
Their Father: 

I see their father being played by Jason Isaacs. I think he can pass as their father, that he would admirably portray a frail old man … and then take ownership of the part with what the girls father later does.


Tamlin is described as a golden haired man with green eyes flecked with amber. He can turn into a beast, is a bit wild and … I see him being played by Chris Hemsworth, or Charlie Hunnam. Someone who is pretty, but can also be a bit hard. (If you haven’t figured it out, all the Fey are incredibly beautiful so … you know – if nothing else we should expect the movie to bring the eye candy.)


Lucien is described as red haired with russet eyes. Sam Heughan is a hot red head … and very vogue right now. I think David Wenham could also work, if you want to go with someone who is a bit older – because most of the Fey characters are centuries old in the books – literally.

Henry cavill

Rhysand is described as having short black hair, sensual grace, pale skin, and blue eyes – almost violet. The pale skin is because he’s been underground for fifty years … but the sensual grace made me think of Henry Cavill in The Tudors – Mr. Sex Machine. As a totally out of the blue though … might I submit Takeshi Kaneshiro in his Armani Global ad … or Raoul Bova when he did the nude calendar shoot. If someone could be found with Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, that’d be amazing. (I also thought Eric Bana for a while but … gosh considering Feyre, that pairing/age difference is just a bit much for me – also it’d be a younger Eric Bana… I mean come on! We’re talking fantasy casting!)


Amarantha has deep red hair, pale skin, and ebony eyes. Just going with the hair, I’d say Christina Hendricks – and I also think she’d be able to take total ownership of the character and portray pure evil. Although she’s also described as … surprisingly not that stunning >.> so … anyway I think Amy Adams might stretch herself and be the baddie.


Ianthe has “long gently curling golden hair” and “teal eyes” and … I just see January Jones as being perfect for the part. That surface prettiness that everyone falls for at first glance.


Morrigan is described as having “sun kissed skin, bright golden skin, brown eyes, and full lips.” All of that, and even more that she’s a warrior, makes me think Charlize Theron. I think Charlize would be the perfect addition to a badass crew, fit with their fun and camaraderie, and also be able to kick some ass and handle the Court of Nightmares.


Cassian is described as having dark hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes. He’s “rough hewn… as if he’s from wine and earth and flame.” I so very much wish Andy Whitfield were still around to be part of this – and to play him … but since that can’t happen, let’s go with Armie Hammer. That casting just makes me smile. (I mean did you see Man from U.N.C.L.E.? If not … you really should.)


Azriel also has dark hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes … he and Cassian are Illyrian males – meaning they’re from the warrior (race) of the Night Court and they also have wings. He’s a spymaster and often is shrouded in shadow, and I see him as a young Raoul Bova or possibly Christian Bale.

Lucy Liu

Amren rounds out the main character fantasy casting, and she’s 5,000 years old … and the person I keep going back to is Lucy Liu. Amren has black hair that is “glossy and straight, tan skin, and smooth silver eyes.” She’s not Fey or human and a little bit scary. It just fits so perfectly because I think Lucy can do sexy and beautiful with that edge of danger and ancient knowledge. And no, that’s not a typo. Amren is five thousand.

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  1. I always thought that Rhys reminded me of Loki from The Avengers. I just can’t seem to get the picture out of my mind lol

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