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Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago, and we all know what symbolizes Cupid’s special month; red roses, romantic candlelit dinners, stuffed teddy bears, and pink heart-shaped balloons. But the list isn’t complete without chocolate, whether it be deep dark chocolate with almonds, creamy milk chocolate with caramel inside, or triple-layer chocolate cake. Tis the season to combine our love of chocolate and love stories. Read on to see how the following authors bring together two of our favorite not-so-guilty pleasures.

Chocolate Goodies by Jacquelin Thomas

Coco Stanley’s family has been in the chocolate business for decades. Coco’s Chocolate Bar is located in Brentwood, an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles. She is anything but pleased when 32-year-old, self-made millionaire Ransom Winters opens D-Unit, an outreach community center for at-risk youth. Coco’s preconceived notions about the man and his mission are challenged as she learns more about the handsome and philanthropic Mr. Winters. 

For the Love of Chocolate by Margaret Brownley, Raine Cantrell, Nadine Crenshaw and Sandra Kitt

These four authors delve into the delights of chocolate and romantic intrigue across various times and locations. These bite-sized, delectable stories include a confectionary shop in 1660 London, sweet treats for cowboys in the old west, a Los Angeles detective, and a child in Chicago’s search for a box of chocolates. This collection is sure to satisfy your appetite for an assortment of delicious romantic reads.

Blame It on Chocolate by Jennifer Greene

Have you ever done something you shouldn’t have done, and blamed it on your consumption of chocolate? In this delicious novel, Lucy Fitzhenry indulges in an experimental chocolate blend that turns her life around. Lucy’s usually tightly controlled thoughts are consumed by lustful desires for her handsome boss, Nick. One piece of this particular chocolate blend increases Lucy’s appetite in ways she couldn’t imagine. Lucy and Nick have to decide if the magic they experience was all about the aphrodisiac confection or something more.

Love, Chocolate, and Beer by Violet Duke

It’s not every day that a love story centers on beer and chocolate, but in Violet Duke’s novel, we get a whole lot of both. Chocolatier Luke Bradford is new to the town of Cactus Creek. He’s a hunk of a man who believes in the power of all things romantic, which is precisely what brewmaster Dani Dobson finds so irritating about him. Tempers ignite as the two disagree on just about everything. Still, beneath all that conflict, something soft and tender is brewing.

These stories offer a rich assortment of chocolate and love crafted in just the right combination to leave your mouth watering, heart-pounding, and spirits soaring. Chocolate love stories are delicious and zero calories, so go ahead and treat yourself; after all, it’s the time of year for some serious self-love. Bon Appetit!

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