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Christmas is a romantic time. Everything seems to be lit by candlelight, the snow (if you’re lucky) makes everything sparkle, and there’s a soft, tinkling soundtrack wherever you go. If you’re looking to capture some of that magic with a quiet night under the mistletoe, add these songs to your playlist and grab some hot cocoa and a blanket to cuddle. Whether pining from afar, or snuggling on a sleigh ride, these songs are all about being in love on Christmas. 

Please Come Home For Christmas 

Most romantic line: But this is Christmas, my dear. The time of year to be with the one you love. 

There’s a few versions of this song, but the one by The Eagles is my favorite. Don Henley just has a way of making me feel things. This dude is in a bad way in this song, but it’s all for love. With its soulful guitar solo and pining lyrics, this song is perfect to snuggle up on the couch with your person and think about how much brighter they make your holiday by being there—or, you know, just be glad you’re not the guy in the song. I choose to believe his love did come home, though, and they worked out all of their issues over a cup of eggnog. It’s Christmas, and that’s the only acceptable ending!

Merry Christmas, Darling 

Most romantic line: Merry Christmas, Darling. We’re apart, that’s true. But I can dream, and in my dreams, I’m Christmasing with you.


It’s hard not to picture bell bottoms and ugly turtleneck sweaters when you listen to The Carpenters, but even so, this Christmas offering has some staying power. This is another where the two lovers are not together on Christmas like they want to be, and we don’t know why, but it’s clearly not a break up song. Whomever Karen Carpenter is “christmasing” with in her dreams, is probably doing the same with her. If you’re having a romantic night in, turn the lights down low, put another log on the fire, and make sure this song is in the queue.

Same Old Lang Syne

Most romantic line: We drank a toast to innocence. We drank a toast to now.

If this song were a romance, it would be a beautiful second chance love story. (Though we might have to imagine the story continues after the ending) This story is about a guy who runs into an ex in the grocery store on Christmas Eve. They decide to catch up, and in one of my favorite lines, they buy a six-pack at the liquor store and drink it in her car. The snow is falling, these two old lovers are catching up over drinks and…okay, so it gets kinda sad from here. Let’s just say, they don’t get back together on this particular night, but you can’t deny that, despite the melancholy, this song is all sorts of romantic. I choose to believe a miracle happened after the song ends and they both find the love they are looking for.

Winter Wonderland

Most romantic line: Later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire.

Here’s a happy romantic song where you don’t have to imagine the HEA. On this stroll through the meadow, the lane is glistening with snow, and there’s a snowman to witness your Christmas-time proposal. This song is straight from a Christmas Hallmark or Lifetime movie. Put it on, make some hot cocoa, and imagine you live in a snowglobe and this is your life this Christmas.


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 

Most romantic line: The fire is slowly dying, and my dear, we’re still goodbying. 

If you’ve cancelled “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, add this one instead. There’s a storm, the fire is delightful, the lights are low, there’s corn for popping, and everyone seems to be on the same page about not wanting to say goodbye just yet. If I could pick one Christmas song moment to live, it would be this one. Swoon.

Bonus! After Christmas comes the new year, so here’s a bonus song for your playlist.

New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift

Most romantic line: I want your midnights, but I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day.

My brother and I have had a fierce debate about this song. He says it’s about unrequited love, I say it’s about loving someone all year round—in the fun times and the hard times. Either way, what’s more romantic than New Year’s Eve? Champagne and glitter and holding hands in the back of a taxi. Choose, like me, to believe this song is about a great love story starting in the new year, and make sure it’s on your romantic playlist. 


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