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I’ve come to the realization that I may like bands a little too much. I’m almost never seen without my headphones, and I go to concerts whenever I can. All of this music has of course made me want to write a book about rock stars, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Maybe a playlist will help! Today, I’ve compiled some songs that I hope will help me (and you, too!) get inspired to finally write that rock star romance. 

“Here’s to the Zeroes” by Marianas Trench

This song is straight-up angst at the music industry, and I’m in love with it. I saw Marianas Trench live at a music festival a few years ago, and it was an absolute spectacle. The lighting design was nothign short of spectacular, and there’s nothing like the rush of trying to catch a guitar pick (spoiler alert: I did not catch it). This song has it all: a story with a screw-up protagonist, rock and roll, and guitar riffs to die for. A great song to start our playlist with. 

“Chemicals” by American Teeth

I went to the American Teeth concert a few months ago, and it was amazing! The lead singer is very nice and took several pictures with me after the show. “Chemicals” is my favorite American Teeth release so far. The beat and lyrics are addicting. It transports me to a grungy green room in a basement concert venue and helps me find the beauty in that place. If you’re struggling to find a setting for your rock star romance, this song is a great place to start.

“Take Her to the Moon” by Waterparks

“I wanna live inside your mind next to your favorite songs…” is one of my favorite lyrics ever written. It’s clear that music is near and dear to this artist’s heart, as well! This song has an irresistable beat and classic “emo” vocals. One of my new favorite artists, and some amazing rock star inspiration!

“Strange Love” by Simple Creatures

As someone who desperately wants to date someone famous, dammit, this song speaks deeply to my soul. “Don’t let the madness change us,” is particularly effective as a lyric. It’s impossible to have a normal relationship when someone is famous. Or, sort of famous. Not speaking from experience. Speaking for a friend. Anyways, this song is perfect for when you’re writing angst between your two leads.

“LA Devotee” by Panic! At The Disco

This one is a given! First of all, Brendon Urie is a built-in love interest. Pair that with his lyrics about living in LA and you’ve got a whole book. If you’re looking to set your book in LA, even better. There are so many cool concert venues here that you can visit and/or research! But really, any basement venue will do.

“Heat Seeker” by DREAMERS

I won’t lie to you, my only justification for this being on here is that it’s a REALLY GREAT SONG! Something about the opening lyrics “Johnny brought a rocket to a knife fight / He got sick of people thinking he’s a good guy” just grab me and pull me right in. This song is also about achieving your lofty goals, and becoming a famous rock star is definitely a lofty goal! 

“Radio Killer” by Modern Maps and Love&Run

I also saw Modern Maps live once, which is probably why I connect them to rock star romances. There’s just something about the atmosphere at a rock concert that’s irresistible and inspiring. this song also mentions Hollywood and radio music, so I have no choice but to stan.

“Had Enough” by Half the Animal

Half the Animal is another great band that I have, shockingly, seen live. Twice! I can’t stop listening to their new song, “Had Enough.” it’s an addicting song that details someone being brought back from the edge. Perfect for a sweet scene between your main characters, no? Honestly, this song will inspire just about anything you’re working on.

These songs are some of my absolute favorites, and I’m so excited to be sharing them with you. You can check out the full playlist here. Give it a listen and get inspired!


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