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Siren's Lament

[Note from Frolic: We are so beyond excited to have Siren’s Lament creator Instantmiso guest post on the site today. If you haven’t read Siren’s Lament yet….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!]

It’s hard to determine who I would cast as Siren’s Lament characters, since the setting and character ethnicities are generally ambiguous. Truthfully, I never really put much thought into casting my characters as live-action actors/actresses prior to this. Nonetheless, it was really fun brainstorming a potential dream cast!

Siren's Lament Lyra
Lyra: Claudia Kim or Emily Rudd

Lyra was hard to dream cast. I would have to pick someone who has a very soft and gentle demeanor.

Siren's Lament Ian
Ian: Mena Massoud or Noah Centineo 

It’s all about them eyebrows and charisma!

Shon: Douglas Booth or Miura Haruma

To be fair, Shon was somewhat inspired by Japanese actor Miura Haruma, who I had a huge crush on in high school. But overall, I’ve always imagined Shon to be a sweet guy that can pull off being dreamy.

Siren's Lament Aleah
Aleah: Gemma Chan or Pom Klementieff 

I would definitely have to pick someone with boss-lady aura.

Siren's Lament Kori
Kori: Rebel Wilson or Awkwafina 

Kori’s was actually really hard to pick for me. Definitely someone who can make you laugh and is best friend goals.

Coen: Jackson Robert Scott 

Because, c’mon, this kid is adorable.

Siren's Lament Tua
Tua: Kekoa Kekumano

Because he’s a cinnamon roll.

Siren's Lament Pele
Pele: Keke Palmer or Zendaya 

I always picture Pele as someone multitalented; someone who can sing and dance.

Hona (Granny): Lisa Lu  

I had to pick an actress that reminded me of my Grandma since Hona’s character is heavily inspired by my own grandmother.

Siren's Lament Helix
Helix: Daniel Dae Kim 

You can trust him! Plus, those amazing cheekbones!

Siren's Lament River
River: Cam Gigandet 

Like-able homie with Dimples 🙂

Siren's Lament Frey
Frey: Sean Bean 

He’s just a misunderstood dude.

Siren's Lament Crim
Crim: Ralph Fiennes

The ideal villain actor! 

About the Author:

instantmiso is a full-time comic creator and student, who writes stories on Romance.

Twitter: @instantmisosoup

Instagram: @sirenslament


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