Dream Casting: Helena Hunting Casts Her Book ‘The Good Luck Charm’

Helena Hunting

What do we, Frolic, do when a new book comes out? Ask the author to give us her dream casting for her lead characters, of course. That’s exactly what we did with Helena Hunting, whose new novel The Good Luck Charm hits shelves today.

Character #1: Ethan

My Starstruck Choice: I love Chris Pratt, and I think he would make a fantastic Ethan. He’s got the right look, and definitely the right build for a hockey player. He’s also great at balancing serious, action-oriented roles, with emotional moments. And he’s funny and sexy, so there’s that, too.

But How About: Thomas Beaudoin. I ran across his photo on Pinterest and fell in love. Although someone had apparently doctored his eye color so it appeared as though he had a burst of amber covering one third of his iris, which is what inspired Ethan’s eye color in The Good Luck Charm. He’s intensely charismatic and absolutely stunning. As a Canadian, I can certainly appreciate his French-Canadian status.  

Character #2: Lilah

My Starstruck Choice: I love Jennifer Lawrence for her incredible ability to play a strong female heroine and I think she would make an incredible Lilah, especially paired with Chris Pratt. I think the intense chemistry, the banter and Lilah’s strength of character would be incredibly dynamic with those two in the leading roles.

But How About: Anna Kendrick. She can play both serious and comedic roles, and I think she’d nail the hell out of Lilah. She’s definitely stunning and sassy, and I absolutely loved her in the Pitch Perfect films. She would bring height to the comedic elements in The Good Luck Charm, and she definitely has the charisma to make the sexy scenes steam up the screen.

Character #3: Carmen, Lilah’s sister

My Starstruck Choice: Kat Dennings would make a fabulous sister to Lilah. Her wit, sex appeal and amazing banter would make her the perfect complement to Lilah.

But How About: Anna Camp, also known for her role in Pitch Perfect, she’d be a great addition to the cast, helping to amp up the humor in those crazy, less-than-ideal situations Lilah finds herself in. Not to mention, her undefined history with the lovely Dr. Lovely.

Character #4: Jeannie, Ethan’s mom

My Starstruck Choice: She’s a badass lady, so she would need to be played by someone with a high level of badassery. Susan Sarandon would be my go-to for Jeannie. She’s the epitome of class and talent, and she would capture the essence of this role with grace.

But How About: Debra Jo Rupp. Debra, who’s Kitty from That 70’s Show, would bring hilarity to the role of Ethan’s mom. She’s such a quality actress, and she would be so much fun in that role.

Speed Interview With Helena Hunting 

What character would you personally want to play?

Emery, one of Lilah’s patient’s at the hospital that she forms a special bond with. She’s young and impressionable, and it would be interesting to watch Lilah’s relationship with Ethan develop from the outside. Plus, she’s fun and feisty and hasn’t been completely tainted by life yet.

What scene would you die to see filmed?

There’s a sexy scene in Ethan’s truck that would be both amazing and maybe a whole lot embarrassing to film. It was just so vivid in my head when I wrote it, and I’d love to see the sexy combined with the awkward when they get caught doing things they shouldn’t like they’re still teenagers.

What would be the hardest scene to film?

The scene with Ethan’s dad when he apologizes to Ethan for the way he dealt with things when he was being drafted. The emotion, combined with the stroke would make this a difficult scene to film, but I’d love to see how it would be adapted.

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