Exclusive: The Wife in the Attic by Rose Lerner Cover Reveal


[Note from Frolic: We are so excited to bring you the cover reveal for The Wife in the Attic by Rose Lerner. First, a note from Rose Lerner herself!]

I am so excited to share the cover of The Wife in the Attic with you!! This Audible Original is  set in the world of my small-town Regency series, Lively St. Lemeston (which is in the process of getting beautiful brand-new covers, too!), but this one takes a much darker turn. It’s a Gothic, an f/f Jane Eyre retelling set in an isolated manor house on the Rye coast.

Audible has hired a really talented narrator, and I can’t wait to hear how she brings my story to life! But Olivia Waite told me the book gave her nightmares after she read the first draft (best compliment for a Gothic?), so maybe I should be careful not to listen right before bedtime…

Learn more, and sign up to get a reminder when the book releases: https://www.roselerner.com/coming-soon/

The Wife in the Attic by Rose Lerner
About The Wife in the Attic:

Goldengrove’s towers and twisted chimneys rose at the very edge of the peaceful Weald, a stone’s throw from the poisonous marshes and merciless waters of Rye Bay. Young Tabby Palethorp had been running wild there, ever since her mother grew too ill to leave her room.

I was the perfect choice to give Tabby a good English education: thoroughly respectable and far too plain to tempt her lonely father, Sir Kit, to indiscretion.

I knew better than to trust my new employer with the truth about my past. But knowing better couldn’t stop me from yearning for impossible things: to be Tabby’s mother, Sir Kit’s companion, Goldengrove’s new mistress.

All that belonged to poor Lady Palethorp. Most of all, I burned to finally catch a glimpse of her.

Surely she could tell me who had viciously defaced the exquisite guitar in the music room, why all the doors in the house were locked after dark, and whose footsteps I heard in the night…

About the Author:

Rose discovered historical romance when she was twelve, and took her first stab at writing one a few years later. Her prose has improved since then, but her fascination with all things Regency hasn’t changed. When she’s not writing and researching her own stories (or helping other authors with theirs over at Rose Does The Research), you can find her reading, watching, cooking, doodling, rambling, and daydreaming in Philadelphia.


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