Five Historical Romance Heroes to Snuggle Up to This Winter


Hi, everyone! This time of year I can’t help but have winter storms on the brain. Not only are we being deluged in the United States but an unexpected blizzard forces the couple in my book, The Highland Renegade, to get trapped in the mountains. I’m a little jealous… who wouldn’t want to be trapped in the cold with a gorgeous Highlander to keep you warm? Of course, this led me to daydream about all the historical romance heroes I’d love to spend this kind of time with. Factor in the dresses, the history, the ambiance…*sighs*

I hope you find your match with this list of my favorite historical heroes! Without further ado…

Gabriel, Lord Saint Vincent in Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

Gabriel, Lord Saint Vincent (heir to a dukedom), with the face of an archangel and cool aristocratic confidence, had me hooked from his untimely entrance when saucy heroine, Lady Pandora, manages to wind up stuck in a settee. Of course, chivalry will not allow him to ignore and pass by a beautiful wallflower in distress. While Gabriel frees her gown, they are caught by Lord Chatsworth and Gabriel is accused of compromising the young lady’s virtue. Of course he can deny the accusation and thus ruin Lady Pandora…but that would be no fun at all!

Lord Benedict in An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn is one of my favorite authors. I have read many of her books in the Bridgerton Series, and highly recommend this one. Lord Benedict is not the heir to the viscount title, but he is wealthy in his own right… and “devastatingly handsome.” When he meets a mysterious woman at a ball, he is instantly enchanted. But before he can learn her name, she slips away like Cinderella, even leaving a slipper behind…except the slipper belongs to her evil stepmother. This is an enchanting fairytale love story of Benedict’s quest to find the breathtaking maid who captures his heart with one kiss.

Magnus MacKay from The Saint by Monica McCarty

If you want to fall in love with a rugged Highland warrior, I absolutely love Monica McCarty’s Highland Guard series. Magnus, a loyal phantom soldier of Robert the Bruce, is tough, proud, and can survive in the cruelest of conditions in this jaunt of treachery and undeniable passion through medieval Scotland.

Lord Caire from Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt        

What would a list of historical heroes be without mentioning the master herself, Elizabeth Hoyt? In Wicked Intentions, infamous Lord Caire enlists the help of Temperance Makepeace to find a savage killer. Together they navigate the perilous streets of St. Giles, uncovering more secrets than they bargained for. Soon, what started as a business relationship, becomes heated – not only with danger, but with steamy passion.

Hugh Redvers from Barbarous by Minerva Spencer

I just started reading Barbarous by Minerva Spencer, and though I’m only a few chapters in, I am intrigued by Hugh Redvers. There’s already a lot going on in this story, and not only does Hugh (the King’s Privateer) have a horrible reputation, he was banished from his home by his uncle (the Earl of Davenport) for being a hellion of the worst sort! I cannot wait to find out how the heroine manages to tame this wild beast…especially when she has so many grave problems of her own.

Happy reading, my friends!

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The Highland Renegade by Amy Jarecki out now!

She is the daughter of his sworn enemy.

Famed for his fierceness, Laird Robert Grant is above all a loyal Highland clan chief. But when redcoats capture his rival’s daughter, he sets aside their feud and races to her rescue. Aye, Janet Cameron is beautiful, cunning, and so very tempting, but a Cameron lass is the last woman he should ever desire.

He is her one hope of happiness.

Janet refuses to meekly surrender, not even when surrounded by foes. She takes every chance to escape, first from the English soldiers and then from the wickedly handsome Robert. Yet with each day they spend together, his unexpected gallantry chips away at her reserve little by little. As danger and treachery loom, can she trust him enough to choose love over vengeance?


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