Five Reasons You NEED to Be Watching ‘Jane the Virgin’


Jane The Virgin is coming back to the CW soon and there are so many reasons to be excited. If you haven’t been keeping up, no worries: you can catch up on the series on Netflix!

Here are just five reasons to love the telenovela spoof!

1. Its Characters Are Cartoonish Yet Also SUPER REAL

As I mentioned above, Jane The Virgin is a show that’s based in the tropes and plotlines of telenovelas. This means that the characters can vacillate between extremes.

For example, one day you might be rooting for a character like Petra, the icy frenemy with a heart of gold and the next you’d find yourself saying, “How could she be such a traitor?!”

But in between all of the highs and lows, Jane the Virgin’s writers are careful to give her a consistent backstory that helps us understand that no matter how surprising or extreme her choices, they make sense for the person Petra is and the values she holds; specifically, protecting herself and her family at all costs.

The thing that makes Jane the Virgin unique is that almost every character is infused with a history and traits that make them relatable.  Even Jane, the series protagonist, is far from perfect. Her consistent pursuit of perfection has created much conflict over the series, but she learns and grows the same way any normal person would!

2. Rogelio and His Twitter Account

Look, it may be my predisposition to love the color lavender talking, but I LOVE the character of Rogelio De La Vega.

Rogelio is Jane’s dad, and he also just happens to be a famous telenovela star for in-universe series with names like The Passions of Santos. Rogelio is such a fun character because he’s egocentric while also managing to be incredibly sweet and passionate about the people he loves.

Another cool quality about Rogelio? He portrays a specific type of masculinity that I find is rarely seen on television. He’s concerned with social media branding, getting screen time and winning battles against his arch nemesis, Esteban. It’s rare to see all of these traits attributed to a leading man, and it’s a testament to the writers that Rogelio still manages to be lovable and refreshing at the end of the day!

Oh, and his twitter account is the place to be for humorous live tweets of new episodes of JtV. His feed is full of inside jokes, references to the plot and extreme reactions (would we expect anything less?).  

3. Intergenerational Lady Badasses

Alba. Xo. Jane.

Throughout all the intrigue at the Marbella hotel, the romantic ups and downs, the chaotic drama that surrounds everyone, one thing is clear: these three are the beating heart and soul of Jane the Virgin.

Much of Jane the Virgin takes place while these three generations of women are living under one roof. Just like any tight-knit family, they aren’t always going to get along. These three have quibbled over discipline styles for kids, relationship choices, religion and so much more.

But more than anything, Jane, her mom and her abuela all care deeply for one another. Their time gathered on the front porch swing discussing their lives and choices is often heartwarming. Through cancer diagnoses, broken relationships, personal loss and career changes, the Villanueva women are there for each other through thick and thin.

It may seem small, but Jane the Virgin’s depiction of a realistic family with single parents in a home in which English is not the only language spoken is refreshing and even revolutionary. It’s not just showing an idealized view of family that is portrayed all over the television landscape, but rather the glorious lived-in truths of families like Jane’s that are full of strong, proud women.

4. It’s Not Afraid To Get Political!

At first glance, there’s nothing overtly political about Jane the Virgin. But then again, lots of people outside romancelandia think there’s nothing overtly political about romance novels (oh how wrong they can be about that!).

One impressive thing about the political nature of Jane the Virgin is that it is at times subtle and at other times incredibly freaking clear. We live in times with lots of change, political division and harmful rhetoric that would absolutely directly impact Jane, her friends and her family. It only makes sense that the show and its writers are willing to acknowledge that real-world political happenings would have ripples even in the candy-colored world of Jane the Virgin.

Whether it’s in a throw-away comment by the omniscient “Latin Lover Narrator,” an onscreen hashtag or a long-term plot about a hot-button issue, Jane the Virgin urges viewers to pay attention to the world of the show and the world around us.

5. It’s Tailor Made For Romance Fans!

Whether you’ve been #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael, one thing is clear: there’s plenty of love to love on Jane the Virgin.

Though the show starts with Jane’s love triangle between those two lovely men, there are plenty of other love stories to enjoy! There’s the love between Jane’s reunited parents, Xo and Ro. Insights into dating over 50 as a widow are thoughtfully handled when a gentleman catches Alba’s eye. Petra also has her share of romantic entanglements, including a lovely plot exploring bisexuality.

And if the abundance of actual love plots weren’t enough to reel you in, consider this: Jane is a lover of romance novels and even writes one during the course of the series! It’s called Snow Falling, and it’s a historical fiction retelling of her own love life. It’s on my TBR list, because the book actually exists thanks to a genius tie-in with the production!

There are so many more reasons to adore Jane the Virgin, but these five are the ones that keep me coming back again and again. Personally, I can’t wait to get started on the last season of this critically acclaimed and much-loved show! If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Trust me: it’ll be a blast to binge watch! 


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