Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Bookish Mom


Hey y’all, Mother’s Day is coming and I thought about a scene from Christmas a few years ago.

I was walking around Barnes and Noble and spotted a young kid, maybe in his early twenties/late teens, staring at the romance section, raking his hands through his hair, sighing. So of course I asked if he needed help. He said he was looking for a book for his mom and that she was a fan of EL James and Sylvia Day. Luckily a romance author was there to recommend a bunch of books. Though as soon as I pulled Olivia Cunning down, he looked at the half naked couple embracing, then looked at me, then looked back like ‘are you serious, lady?’

That had me thinking: you may not want to pick up some of your mom’s favorite books, but what about other bookish gifts? 

That’s where this list comes in. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, so why not support a small business and get something awesome and bookish (for her and maybe for yourself, too!)

Wooden Map

Years ago, I actually went viral for making a photo map of the United states. Recently, that same company, Marking Maps on Etsy, started making a Europe map. These would both be the perfect gift to go with a travel book or your mom’s favorite book that takes place in the US or Europe (You know…like Heired Lines).

Book Sleeve

I was at my daughter’s Girl Scout meeting around Christmas time and brought my Book Beau to hold my notebook. I thought maybe I could get some work done, but then another mom saw it and thought it was the coolest thing she’d see to hold notebooks or books with traveling. If your mom’s a traveler or dreams of a road trip, a fun print Book Beau with a road trip book like Samantha Chase’s Drive Me Crazy that has an entire road trip series!

Book Page Flowers

Is your mom a Fifty Shades fan but you’re not sure you can really see yourself buying her the books? Blooming Books has these awesome Fifty Shades flowers made from book pages! You could also pair it with a copy of Grey or choose from a number of books Blooming Books has on her Facebook page (she recently did a JR Ward flower set and since JR Ward’s latest book just came out, it would be a great gift for that romance-loving mom). This is also what I ordered for my own mother with my book pages, though my mom is not allowed to read my books so she just gets the pages in a flower.

Book Box

Another option for Mom is a one time, or subscription, to a book box like Romance Reveal Box. You can do a one time order with books and swag or set her up with a monthly subscription that’ll contain from one to eight books at a time!

Bookish Sweatshirt

My love of Sarina Bowen is strong. Maybe too strong. I also know a lot of hockey moms who raised their eyebrows when I said ‘hockey romance’? Trust me, y’all. Sarina’s books plus a nice hoodie to cozy up in while you don’t leave the house all and sit in your air conditioning with a great book. If you don’t get this for your Mom, this is a great gift for yourself, too!

Bookish Mug or Pillow

You say Mom doesn’t need another coffee mug or throw pillow then you see these great reader themed ones from Lit Uncorked. Yes, language on one of the mugs, but I couldn’t help a reading and Coronavirus themed mug! Your reading mom or friends will love it!

Bookish Wine Glass

With quarantine, your mom could use a glass of wine and a quarantine. A cute bookish wine glass from Palm Steet Glass paired with the cozy mystery, A case for the wine maker, is a great gift. Pair it with a bottle of her favorite wine and it might just be PERFECT. 

Something Customized

Now if you want something a little more custom for Mom (or yourself) then you HAVE to check out Pushy Girl Paintings and Creations by Suzy’s custom tumblers. You can choose your character’s hair, clothes, even add accessories. Perfect for the stylish reading mom who needs something just for her

Thank you for reading all of this and I hope you find the perfect bookish gift for your mom. Or yourself.

Writing this article at least helped my husband to realize Mother’s Day is coming up and he and the kids better get to ordering something off this list.

Heired Lines by Magan Vernon, out May 11!

Sometimes, you’ve got to take a job with the devil to pay the bills…

Too bad I learned too late the devil wears Armani, is the most uptight man in the history of history, and I just signed an unbreakable contract shackling me to his pompous royal side for the summer.

But God, he’s got this British accent that makes my panties melt.

Until the words he says catch up with my brain and make me want to throw one of his precious vases at his head.

One minute we’re fighting—and the next—we can’t keep our hands off each other. Because somehow, when Mr. Blue Eyes is kissing me, he makes me forget how much he annoys me.

And that starts a whole new level of complications I. Don’t. Need.

Cuz if you dance with the devil, someone’s gonna end up getting burned…

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