Great Bands to Add to Your Work from Home Playlist


I am very lucky to work here at Frolic, which means I am able to work from home during this scary, difficult time! I, along with the rest of the Frolic team, am thinking of everyone affected by COVID-19. 

If there’s one thing that helps me stay on task while working from home, it’s a great playlist! There is genuinely nothing that makes me happier than being handed the aux cord on a road trip with friends so I can introduce friends to the music I’m loving at the moment. Since road trips are cancelled indefinitely, I’m taking this opportunity to share some of my favorite bands with YOU!

1) Cemetery Sun

Cemetery Sun is a Sacramento-based band that blends pop-punk and alt-rock. I first discovered their song “Fake Love” when I was in college, and now it’s one of those songs that can transport me to the basement of Parking Structure 5 on a chilly winter morning. Therefore, this song brings both a sense of nostalgia and a sense of panic that I am about to be late to environmental economics for the 6th time in a row.

2) Glades

For my electro-pop lovers, there’s Glades. Based out of Australia, this band is known for its breathy vocals and delightful synth. Their song “Her” is the soundtrack of my life. It’s about being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way, and has a tone of resigned sadness and understanding. Cheery, right?

3) Half the Animal

I was first introduced to Half the Animal when they opened for Smallpools in 2018. I liked their old sound a lot, but their new song “Had Enough” is downright irresistible. Half the Animal has an indie pop sound that’s perfect for that afternoon boost of energy that we can all use. Better yet, you can use the “artist radio” feature on Spotify to find a whole bunch of great indie pop bands. 

4) Autoheart

Autoheart is one of the strangest bands that I like. I seriously can’t pin down their sound! I’m tempted to say that it reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera, but with a lot more piano riffs and some truly interesting lyrics. They’re based out of London, and their album, Punch, is a must listen for anyone looking to get out of their music comfort zone. “Robbing Banks” is a strangely addicting track, too. With delicate xylophone and perfectly placed synth, this song is an interesting favorite.

5) Purity Ring

Purity Ring takes me all the way back to freshman year of college! Much like Glades, this band has brilliant, breathy vocals. Purity Ring, however, is haunting. Their album Bodyache is a must-listen. My personal favorite song from the album is “Heartsigh,” which always hooks me from the very first note.

Which bands do you have on your WFH playlist?


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