Historically Yours: Top Historical Romance Picks for March 1st to the 15th

Historically Yours: Top Historical Romance Picks for March 1st to the 15th

Welcome to Historically Yours where I share some of my top Historical Romance picks for the first half of March.

The Highlander’s Promise by Heather Grothaus (3/3)

[Sons of Scotland series #2]

Brave Lachlan Blair stands ready to become his clan’s chieftain — until a revelation shows he is not a Blair son, but the bastard offspring of a notorious criminal. Faced with banishment to the Highland wilderness, Lachlan agrees to wed the daughter of an enemy clan. But he soon finds himself facing a new battle — an unwelcome attraction to his beautiful wife.

Since she was a wee lass, Finley Carson has heard tales of the legendary Lachlan Blair. But nothing prepares her for marriage to the rugged highlander. Fortunately, Lachlan shares her desire to leave the union unconsummated in hopes of escaping their dutiful marriage. Yet as they partner to pursue the truth of Lachlan’s birthright, their deepening bond turns to passion. But once Lachlan’s past catches up with them, their love is put to the ultimate test.

Dark Warrior by Kathryn Le Veque (3/4)

[de Russe Legacy series #9]

As a decorated knight for Henry VIII, Cort is charged with a special mission — to seduce an Irish rebel and learn her secrets, but Dera MacRohan is no ordinary Irish warrior lass.

Born from the ancient MacRohan warrior bloodlines, Dera is from a long line of warrior women. She deeply resents the English and their conquest, but she also understands the subtleties of tactics and strategy. Sometimes it is easier to catch flies with honey or kill an Englishman with kindness.

When the lass’ guard comes down, he suspects there’s more to it. But two can play at that game. He plans to put that de Russe charm to good use. But in their bid to out-charm each other, genuine feelings develop.

Earl of Exile by Tammy Andresen (3/10)

[Lords of Scandal series #3]

The Earl of Exmouth knows what type of woman he wants. A nice Scottish lass who will heal the wounds in his family. In fact, his aunt has already chosen his Scottish bride. The problem? A dark haired, sharp tongued devil of an English debutante won’t leave him be. What’s a man to do but kiss her quiet? Turns out, that’s only the beginning of his troubles.

Lady Diana Chase has no intention of marrying any man, especially not the large Scot with a deep brogue and a penchant for meddling in her business. And when he steps too far and puts his lips on hers…well that’s perfectly dreadful. Or perfectly wonderful? She hasn’t decided yet. Perhaps she will need another kiss to decide.

The Painter by Mary Kingswood (3/13)

[Silver Linings Mysteries series #4]

Felicia Oakes is the illegitimate daughter of…well, someone or the other. A pirate, perhaps, or a spy or a royal prince…who knows? Her vivid imagination conjures up myriad possibilities, all more exciting than her position as a governess to two motherless children. But when their father is drowned aboard the Brig Minerva, Felicia must take them to their new guardian in the North of England, where her life is about to be turned upside down.

The Earl of Finlassan has turned his back on the world to pursue his art, and the prospective guardianship of two young girls horrifies him. He soon finds that it’s not his wards who unsettle his life, it’s their governess, who is irritatingly impertinent with a distractingly mischievous smile. Gradually he finds himself drawn out of seclusion by his new muse. But when danger strikes, they will have to uncover the past before they can look to the future.

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