It’s Never Too Early for Christmas: Books and Yummy Holiday Treats by Teri Wilson

Pairings: Books and christmas treats

[Note from Frolic: We are so excited to welcome author Teri Wilson to the site today. She’s pairing delicious holiday treats with must-read books. Take it away, Teri!]

Who hears jingle bells? It’s that time of the year, y’all. Okay, not technically…we’ve still got Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward to. But in the publishing realm, everyone’s already hanging up their stockings and sipping gingerbread lattes. Holiday romances have officially begun hitting the shelves, and today we’re pairing them with luscious, yummy holiday desserts! 

Christmas Snowball Cookies and Snowball’s Christmas by Kristen McKanagh

Be still my heart, look at this precious cover! Who wouldn’t want to find this tiny ball of fluff under the tree on Christmas morning? Snowball’s Christmas by Kristen McKanagh has all the ingredients for a perfect Christmas romance—a gorgeous Victorian B&B, an equally gorgeous hero back in his small town for the holidays and a matchmaking, mischievous kitten. We’re pairing this fun, festive read with Christmas Snowball Cookies (obviously!)—bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth treats covered in snowy powdered sugar. 

Gingerbread Cake and A Gingerbread Romance by Lacey Baker 

Gingerbread is pretty much the quintessential Christmas treat, and we’re pairing it with Lacey’s Baker’s A Gingerbread Romance, a novel based on a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie by the same name. In this story, an architect and a baker join forces for a gingerbread house contest and find more than they bargained for along the way.

Soofganiyot (donuts!) and Miracles and Menorahs by Stacey Agdern

Soofganiyot—a sweet, pillowy donut—is a traditional Hanukkah treat with a very special meaning. The fried dough symbolizes the Hanukkah story of the miracle of the oil that burned for eight straight days instead of one. It’s also seriously yummy. Stacey Agdern’s new Hanukkah romance, Miracles and Menorahs, is an utter delight, complete with a holiday festival and what might be the biggest menorah you’ve ever seen. There are also soofganiyot lattes! Count us in.   

Traditional English Wassail and A Princess for Christmas by Julia London

Julia London’s brand new, dreamy historical royal romance, A Princess for Christmas, contains a seriously spirited game of musical chairs. Spirited, as in hilariously boozy. So get ready to raid the liquor cabinet because we’re pairing it with traditional English wassail. 

Scottish Shortbread Cookies and Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters

Victoria Walters’ latest addition to her Glendale Hall series, Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall, will transport you to the Scottish Highlands for a cozy, sparkling Christmas. Of course we’re pairing it with the best Scottish holiday treat of all—buttery, delicious (and deceptively easy to make!) shortbread cookies.

Candy Cane Brownies and The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by Lizzie Shane

This utterly delightful, sweet Christmas story features a hero struggling with the new responsibility of being a single parent to his precious niece, a heroine who finds herself back home in the small town where she grew up and WAY TOO MANY totally adorable dogs to count. (Seriously, there were more than twelve, right? It felt like there were…in a good way, obviously.) We’ve paired it with the candy cane brownies that the heroine and aforementioned hunky hero make for his niece’s school bake sale. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes and Love at the Icicle Café by Denise N. Wheatley

How lovely is the cover for this wintry romance set in the snowy village of Gosberg, Germany? Love at the Icicle Café by Denise N. Wheatley has a fairy tale European setting, an Icicle Fest, a cozy café with a dreamy chef, and a whip smart attorney heroine who bakes the best red velvet cupcakes this side of the North Pole—the perfect match for this festive winter romance.

Spiced Walnut Crust Cookie with Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt and Christmas Charms by Teri Wilson

Christmas Charms is my new holiday romance for Hallmark Publishing, and it has just a dash of Christmas magic in the form of a very special bracelet. Ashley’s holiday is turned upside down when the charms on the bracelet start coming true, one by one. From the sudden appearance of a mysterious dog to the constant presence of an annoying yet undeniably handsome firefighter, her holiday is not at all what she expected. The one constant is the traditional cookies her mom bakes every year—spiced walnut crust cookies with chocolate ganache and sea salt. Yum! And bonus: the recipe for these divine treats is included at the end of the book. 

About the Author:

Teri Wilson is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of romance, women’s fiction and romantic comedy. Three of Teri’s books have been adapted into Hallmark Channel Original Movies by Crown Media, including UNLEASHING MR. DARCY (plus its sequel MARRYING MR. DARCY), THE ART OF US and NORTHERN LIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS, based on her book SLEIGH BELL SWEETHEARTS. She is also a recipient of the prestigious RITA Award for excellence in romantic fiction for her novel THE BACHELOR’S BABY SURPRISE. Teri has a major weakness for cute animals, pretty dresses and Audrey Hepburn films, and she loves following the British royal family. 

Connect with Teri:





Christmas Charms by Teri Wilson, out now!

Ashley’s supposed to be having the Christmas of her dreams. After four years of working at an upscale jewelry store in Manhattan, she’s finally going to get a little velvet box of her own—from her boyfriend Jeremy, who’s taking her on a romantic trip to Paris. What could go wrong?

Well, everything.

Ashley heads home to Owl Lake instead, falling asleep on the train ride there…and waking up with a beautiful antique charm bracelet on her wrist. Soon, she realizes that each silver charm predicts an event that happens in real life. What does this mean for her and Jeremy…or her and Aidan, her former high school boyfriend, who’s now a local firefighter? Is there still a chance that she could have the perfect Christmas?

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  1. I love these pairings Teri! Books to snuggle with and yummy treats make for my kind of heavenly holidays! Thank you so much for including Snowball’s Christmas! xoxo

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