Jennifer Probst Dream Casts Her New Novel, Love on Beach Avenue!

Jennifer Probst Dream Casts Her New Novel, Love on Beach Avenue!

As an author, it’s always a fun activity to dream cast your book to a film. As the first book in the Sunshine Sisters trilogy, wedding planning on the shores of Cape May take center stage. There are actually six characters introduced—each of them will have their own book—so I had a blast “researching” the perfect actors and actresses to bring my characters alive.

Let’s get started!

Jennifer Probst Kaley Cuoco
Avery Sunshine: Kaley Cuoco

This was one of the hardest to cast. Avery is a workaholic, and an organized perfectionist. Since this is a romcom, I wanted an actress who could also embody fabulous comedy along with chops. I think Kaley Cuoco would do her part justice, skillfully combining serious with humor.

Jennifer Probst Ryan Gosling
Carter Ross: Ryan Gosling

My hero is a tiny bit grumpy and a touch stodgy, which only makes casting him more delightful! My dream pick is Ryan Gosling—he’s able to pull off Carter’s distant reserve, wit and sarcasm, and eventual softening of a perfect hero. I mean, come on—he was a master in The Notebook and LaLa Land!

Jennifer Probst Amanda Seyfried
Bella: Amanda Seyfried

Next up is Bella, the second Sunshine sister of the crew, and she’ll be featured in the next book, Temptation on Ocean Drive. Amanda Seyfried is perfect—from her long Goldilocks hair, sweet deamnor, and nurturing personality, this single mom would be personified spot on.

Jennifer Probst Jake Gyllenhal
Gabe Garcia: Jake Gyllenhal

Gabe Garcia is the hot Beach Bachelor and compared to Jake Gyllenhal. So…I pick Jake Gyllenhal to play him. It doesn’t get better than that.

Jennifer Probst Emilia Clarke
Taylor Sunshine: Emilia Clark

Last, but not least, is our spiciest couple, Taylor Sunshine and Pierce Powers. Taylor Sunshine is a bad ass, with her pink hair, piercing and tats, and completely snarky. Emilia Clarke would be able to bring all of Taylor’s strength with the perfect pairing of vulnerability. Emilia can do the fun comic role, would look fab in pink hair, and still go deep with the character.

Jennifer Probst Tyler Blackburn
Pierce Powers: Tyler Blackburn

I had the most difficulty with Pierce, and settled on Tyler Blackburn. The looks nail it, with his long dark hair and eyes and personality, and Tyler would bring his creative artistry as a photographer to the screen.

Hardest Scene:

I think the most important is the love scene where Carter confesses his past and limitations. It needs to be vulnerable and balanced and heartbreaking in order to set up for the black moment and give movie goers the investment they need.

Scene I’d love to see:

When Avery is trying to win Carter’s dog’s, Lucy, affection. I think it would be adorable to watch unfold!

A role for me?

OMG I would do ANYTHING to be in the film! I’d love to be a worker in Vera’s Bridal, so I get to see the scene play out when Avery and Carter are shopping for the bride’s wedding dress. Or I can be Jessica, the receptionist of Sunshine Bridal—she only says a few words in it LOL.

Photos provided by the author.
Love on Beach Avenue by Jennifer Probst, out today!

Avery Sunshine might not have a soul mate of her own, but she still believes in happily ever after—for her clients. Making dreams come true is her business at Sunshine Bridal, which she runs with her two sisters. When her best friend announces her engagement, Avery is thrilled to take charge of the giddy bride-to-be’s big day. Less thrilling? Her best friend’s arrogant and demanding brother, who just so happens to be the man of honor.

Carter Ross’s first instinct: call 911. He promised to always take care of his impulsive little sister, and he honors that vow. Even if it means taking over her wedding, where he is sure Avery will fail. At best, Avery is unpredictable. At worst, if she’s anything like the spitfire of a college girl he remembers, the main event could run wild.

With Avery and Carter wrestling for control, tempers heat up. So does the spark of attraction they’re fighting with every kiss. As the wedding draws near, it’s time to reconcile a rocky past and make a decision that could change everyone’s lives. Because what they’re rebelling against looks a lot like love.


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