Lore Olympus: The Very Best Hades & Persephone Moments We Can’t Stop Thinking About


Hades and Persephone.

In the Lore Olympus universe, those names go together like deep blue peanut butter and pink, cinnamon bun flavored jelly. From their awkward first meeting (or, was it their first meeting??) to the intense hand-holding sesh the fans were treated to recently. In honor of that journey, we’ve put together a list of Hades and Persephone’s best moments together in the series so far.

Hope you think it’s sufficient.

The Very Beginning - Hades saves Persie

The first moment that Hades and Persephone meet is the image that first got us hooked on Lore Olympus. Not that Persephone needs saving from Cerberus, but Hades stepping in to protect her from his vicious sweetheart gets us every time.

31% Scoundrel

When these two lovebirds are first getting to know each other over coffee in the King of the Underworld’s kitchen, Persephone gives Hades a run for his money by declaring that he looks to be about 31% scoundrel. Good call, Persie.

Adventures in Tartarus

The image of Hades slipping Persephone’s shoe back on after almost getting attacked by God-zombies could sweeten even the most bitter coffee.

2 Hot 2 Handle

Hades’ reaction to Persephone dressed as a Fury isn’t as low-key as he thought it would be. Gotta love that MASCULINE PANIC.

Death by Horny Confidence

It took serious balls for Persephone to confidently excuse herself from the King and Queen of Olympus’s table and invite Hades to their garden. You go, girl.

The Second Phone Call

Some of Hades and Persephone’s best moments have been over the phone, and Persephone asking the King if he’s okay… well it made his day.

Hades Looks Sufficient

One of the best moments – when Persephone quotes one of Hades’ earliest lines back to him after he accepts the flower she makes for him. Awwwwwww.

Hand-holding Porn

That moment when Hades and Persephone physically connect with their hands in the hideout is just… it’s just too much.


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3 thoughts on “Lore Olympus: The Very Best Hades & Persephone Moments We Can’t Stop Thinking About”

  1. The moments when they kissed. The first one when Kore turned into butterfly, and the second one when Hades beg her not to leave him. Nothing beat those moments so far.

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