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When Frolic contacted me and asked me to write a little something-something about one of the cool things I’ve been into lately, I’m sure they expected me to go on and one about my favorite bands (there are so many, and this was a great summer for live music here in Colorado), or possibly they imagined I would talk about tattoos. After all, I have quite a collection of my own (I always say my skin is the most expensive thing I own!), and if you’re familiar with my work at all, you may know the majority of the books I’m known for writing feature all different kinds of body modification pretty heavily.

And while I love all things rock and roll and have always been a fan of artwork on a living canvas, my most recent obsessions have little to do with either. I’m pretty sure no one was ready for me to ask if I could write about how amazing boy love dramas from Asia are… lol.

I spent (lost) the entire summer binge reading a wide variety of male/male romance novels (I’ve always loved the genre and have even written one or two of my own), which in turn led me to the wild world of Yaoi Manga, which then had me stumbling upon the amazing world of Asian dramas. The internet is a crazy place people! There is so much entertainment to be found from all over the world. So many of these dramas focus on same sex couples, leading to copious amounts of adorable boys kissing and the appearance of beloved romance tropes present in each and every boy love drama is highly addictive and so satisfying to watch.

One of my favorite things to use my platform for is to recommend books and authors I can’t get enough of. I post a monthly reading list in my newsletter, shout about my favorites all over social media, and if you see me at a signing I’ll probably shove more than one recommendation your way. Talking about books is the next best thing to reading and writing them. I’m super stoked Frolic gave me the space to share not only some of my favorite male/male titles with you. But even better, I also get to pass along a completely addictive, ridiculously entertaining boy love drama for you to binge if you find yourself loving the book.

This is going to be so fun. Trust me. 🙂

The GearShark Series by Cambria Hebert

Gah… I love everything about Cambria’s GearShark boys. The characters are so well developed. The romance is both heart-wrenching and poetic. These books are full of family, friends and so many wonderfuls ‘firsts’. They are addictive as hell and so much fun. Trent and Drew also embrace the friends to lovers trope which is a reader favorite in all genres of romance.

If you read and love these books then you need to check out…..
Together With Me

This show is hands down the steamiest of the bunch. And both these boys are HOT! And it has the favorite trope of best friends to lovers, with a dash of unrequited love. There is so much angst, a vengeful girlfriend, lots of longing and so much delicious sexual tension. Plus the HEA is a total swoon-fest.

The Prep and the Punk by Imogene Kash

This book features my FAVORITE of all romance tropes, opposites attracting. I love-love-love when very different people have to look past a whole host of difference to make their relationship work. It also leads to so much chemistry! Swoon. I also liked that this book took place in an elite private school and gave off serious Gossip Girl vibes. The author totally nailed that part of her inspiration. I always secretly had a thing for Chuck Bass.

If you love this book then check out….

This is a fan favorite in the BL (boy love world). This show comes from China, it was such a HUGE hit, the Chinese government banned any future seasons and both the main actors from ever interacting or working with each other again! Now, in the new political climate, China has banned all acts of anything remotely homosexual from all the media they control. These boys cover so many tropes it’s hard to count them all. Enemies to lovers. Step brother romance. Opposites attracting. They literally have something happening for every romance lover. It’s so good. There is so much push and pull, and so much intensity between the two main characters it hard to breathe through many episodes.

Unbreakable Bonds Series by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott

This series is my most favorite, because it has a few chills and thrills. There is an element of suspense mixed in with the romance that I LOVE. The first book in the series gives us a sexy billionaire and a hot as hell bodyguard. Who doesn’t love the ‘protect you with my life’ trope? These guys are slick, slightly damaged and oh so sexy. These are a constant reread in my collection.

If you dig the down and dirty in this series check out…..
Advance Bravely

This is another drama from China, so it’s more bromance than boy love. But it’s so freaking action packed, and full of enough implied romance it made the list anyways. Again, we have a super sexy bodyguard protecting a very nice body indeed. I love that this show has guns, car chases and bad guys along with the undeniable sexual tension between the two leads!

One last duo I’m sneaking in is the Love Lessons Series by Heidi Cullinan and SOTUS/SOTUS S the series. Both are all of the best things about New Adult through and through.

I hope you find something new to read and to binge watch!

All links are for the first book in the series and the official subtitles version of the shows because pirating is gross and bad.

Thanks for letting me geek out over my new obsession Frolic.

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