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There are a few things I absolutely love. Books and good food are two things very high on the list. And when you mix those two? Senses overload. As a big fan of foodie romances, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat about some of my favorite chefs. Let’s face it, a man that can feed all your appetites is damn near close to perfect!

The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson

I’m starting off with a slow burn, enemies to lovers story because the sparks are always fly better when there’s a little fighting. And in this case, it’s also stirring the competitive side of both of our main characters.  Killian is the master chef, running a successful kitchen at a fancy restaurant and even has a Michelin star.  Vera is quite the opposite. She’s trying to get her life back on track and get back in the kitchen after some obstacles brought her down. She’s decided to do that by opening a food truck right in front of Killian’s restaurant. Tensions fly high between these two but when they finally give in to that chemistry, there’s no denying they’re made for each other. Plus, you can’t help but get extremely hungry!

Hot Under Pressure by Louisa Edwards

If you’re anything like me, you have a fascination for reality TV. I admit I watch a lot of the cooking shows.  If that’s you, then you won’t want to miss this whole series. The Rising Star Chef series has plenty of hot chefs competing for the title and my personal favorite is this sexy ex-Navy cook who has to compete with his hippie ex-wife.

Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh

But we can’t only talk about professionals here. Cade is the perfect hero but he’s still in culinary school.  Am I the only one that thinks it’s extremely sexy when a guy that looks like he should have a badass profession, has a passion for cooking instead? Cade is a good boy at heart with a bad boy exterior.  Tall, muscled and tattooed. And just as he wants to take care of his sister and niece, he wants to save the heroine Winter from her own bad life and circumstances.

Devour Me by Kailin Gow

I didn’t want this list to get too sweet so why not spice things up with a BDSM student/teacher romance? Taryn leaves her life in New York to go pursue one of her biggest dreams. Studying at the International Institute of Culinary Arts in Paris under the sexy guidance of celebrity chef and most eligible bachelor, Errol King.  If you like your heroes bordering on the jerk side and the relationships a little forbidden then you won’t want to miss this one. Just be warned, their story continues on throughout the series and it doesn’t finish at book 1.

Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston

Who said chefs can’t have fur? Ric Van Holtz is a rich shifter with a passion for cooking.  I mean, he’s probably my fantasy man right here. He shifts into a wolf and has a lot of that alpha goodness, but he’s down to earth, sweet, funny, smart. Did I mention sexy?  And the fact that he wants a woman who’s the complete opposite of him and a badass just makes their chemistry even better.

Savor You by Kristen Proby

If you are not familiar with the Fusion series, it’s set at a sexy and seductive restaurant. The menu is intended to have a touch of aphrodisiac and the place lends itself to sensual romance. The head chef? Mia Palazzo. She’s one of the owners of the restaurant along with some of her best friends.  What she didn’t anticipate was having her friends set her up to film a cooking show with celebrity chef Camden Sawyer to get some PR for the business. First, no one should enter her kitchen. And second, Camden is her secret ex-husband. Tensions run high on this emotional second chance story full of feisty and hilarious females and plenty of sexual tension.

The One You Can’t Forget by Roni Loren

Because it can’t all be fun and laughs, we get a more serious tone with this one.  Rebecca is one of few survivors from a high school shooting. She’s carried a lot of guilt and the scars from that day for years, pushing everything and everyone away. Wes lost his life and business in a bad divorce years ago and has been trying to reinvent himself ever since. The fact that Rebecca was the lawyer that helped his wife achieve that should be reason enough to hate her, but instead he can’t help but want to be near her.  Leaving behind his past as a successful restaurant owner his pet project is now teaching a cooking class for less than privileged kids. He’s definitely a bad boy chef that will leave you drooling.

You see, no matter what kind of mood you’re in there’s a chef for you.  Fair warning, reading these will leave you hungry. Whether you want to take a bite out the chef or the food he’s cooking is up to you!  But, as a precaution don’t even think about reading any of these without a snack handy.

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