Romancelandia-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Romancelandia-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you haven’t decided what you’d like to be, Frolic is here to help! Check out some of these suggestions for romancelandia-friendly DIY costumes along with some of the tools to help make them happen. 

Costume One: Persephone from Lore Olympus

It’s no secret that we at Frolic have fallen in love with the amazing webcomic Lore Olympus. The characters are colorful (emotionally and literally) and based on well-known Greek mythology. Even if all your friends at your Halloween soiree aren’t caught up with the hit comic, your creativity and bright makeup and hair will still get plenty of attention! 

All it takes: pink body paint of some sort (this one is ranked highly on Amazon), a pink wig of your desired length, and a white dress

Don’t feel like Persephone is your perfect Halloween option? No problem! Lore Olympus has plenty of characters like Artemis, Hades, or Hecate that would be easily-modified options with the same types of tools. The Lore Olympus hashtag on Instagram can give you bunches of cosplay inspiration to pull out all the stops this Halloween. 

Costume Two: A Pride and Prejudice Couples Costume that Won’t Break The Bank!

This one’s a little hokey, but stay with me, folks! 

Step one: Buy two plain baseball-style tee shirts in your color of choice for you and your significant other. Then, print out two large pictures of emojis. Personally, I recommend the eyes-closed-and-blushing emoji for “Pride” and the smirking-side-eye emoji for “Prejudice.” Cut out and glue them to your tees. 

“But Erin, surely that’s not enough to convey Pride and Prejudice to a general audience!!” you may say. You would be right. 

That’s why you then proceed to buy a regency-style bonnet and top hat. If you’re really worried about people getting the joke, you could then write “Pride” and “Prejudice” on the back of your tees like a sports jersey.

It’s a risky move, friends…but it’s one that might pay off with the right crowd!

photo frame
Costume Three: Be The Heroine of Your Own Romance Novel

Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of your own romance novel? I think I might have a way to make that work for Halloween!

First, order one of these frames that are usually used for wedding photo booths. Instead of event details, put in your desired book title on the top and your name (or fun pseudonym) on the bottom!

Then, find whatever bits and pieces you most need to fit your romance genre of choice. Need ideas? How about awesome boss lady clothes, a ridiculously flowy gown that you found on sale at Goodwill, or your favorite team’s jersey for a sports romance? The choice is yours and the sky’s the limit when it comes to your own creativity.

Then, wear your “cover” strapped to your costume and ta-daaaa! You get to be the picture-perfect star of your own romance novel for a night!

Want to get extra creative? Print out your favorite celeb crush and add them into the frame with tape to add extra verisimilitude.

Bonus Tacky Costume Idea I Can’t Let Go Of: 27 Dresses

This one takes commitment, silliness and a crowd that can appreciate a mediocre but well-loved rom com. 

Step one: Wear a dress that is cheap and you are okay ruining with a bunch of safety pins. 

Step two: Buy multiple packs of doll dresses (make sure you have twenty six to pin on to your own dress) and safety pin them all over. I recommend hilariously flashy Barbie dresses to really hammer the point home.

Voila! You are an attention-grabbing walking manifestation of the rom com 27 Dresses. I have to believe James Marsden would appreciate your dedication!

I think you can tell, I’m a fan of wacky DIY costumes for Halloween. These are just some ideas to get you started, but no matter what I hope you get to dress up in something that makes you feel awesome!

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