Quiz: Which Netflix Original Series Should You Binge This Weekend?

Are you looking for your next great binge? We’re here to help with this fun quiz that’ll point you to your new favorite show!

  • What kind of show are you in the mood for?

    • Something Funny
    • Something Heartwarming
    • Something Mysterious
    • Something Intense
  • What will you be snacking on while you watch?

    • Popcorn
    • Ice Cream
    • Chocolate
    • Wine
  • Where would you like to live?

    • New York City
    • London
    • A small town
    • Wherever my loved ones are
  • Pick a board game.

    • Monopoly
    • Risk
    • Scrabble
    • Poker
  • How would you rather pamper yourself?

    • A spa day
    • A nice meal
    • A new outfit
    • Sleeping in
  • Which first date would you love?

    • Coffee
    • Hiking
    • Dancing
    • A Movie
  • How much of a commitment do you want to make?

    • Just a few episodes
    • I don’t want to leave my bed for hours
    • I don’t want to leave my bed for days
    • I want something that will consume my life force.

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