Top Ten Indie Romance Authors to Read Right Now


When it comes to the age old question of reading books by well-known authors or taking a “risk” on reading books that are independently published, I’m sure many would pick the former. What if I told you that more Independent authors are pushing the gates between house published and self-published than ever before?

When it comes to Independently published authors, a lot of readers usually will judge the book a bit harsher, or not even pick it up at all with the thought that “it never got picked up by a publishing house, so it must not be that good.” A lot of authors tend to self-publish because they know that what their genre or target audience is and it might not be the same audience that the publishing houses are looking for. There are also a lot of Independent authors who have made USA Today Best Selling Author’s lists, based off sales and reviews. It is also true that when your book gets published by a housing company, they have the rights to change anything that might not fit the niche, whereas indie authors have total control of what they write and edit in their novel.

I receive a lot of books for review that have been published by the authors themselves, and I don’t know if it’s my own reading likes and dislikes, but I’m finding that I am loving more romance books that are being published by indie authors rather than those on popular store’s bookshelves. There’s something that’s powerful, raw, and griping with the novels of romance writers that don’t always fit into the cookie-cutter box of publishing houses. I’m not saying that published books are bad, or that they are all the same, but when it comes to being independently published, there’s a little more freedom to write about taboo subjects, and include bigger risks with their characters.

1. Kennedy Fox

Kennedy Fox is a duo of authors who write under this pen name. They are two strong and fierce women who love to write about cowboys, with fast paced novels with intense cliff-hangers that leave you wanting more. When I pick up one of their books, I know I will be getting deep into the romance, and whether it be strong or sweet, they know how to pull at the heartstrings!

2. T.L. Smith

T.L. Smith is the type of author who enjoys creating hot reads that are both steamy and will leave you with heart palpitations from the relationships she creates with her characters. They are so compelling, you easily get sucked into the story and are always on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next!

3. L.J. Shen

L.J. Shen has quite a few books that are just as hot on the cover as they are inside. She writes Contemporary Romance, and never leaves any space for a dull moment. I remember reading one of her books for the first time, and I had to sit there in silence for a time afterwards because it left me with all kinds of emotions.

4. Shana Vanterpool

Shana Vanterpool is one of those authors who keeps it dark and sexy. The first book I read from her was one hundred percent crazy, yet I was so drawn to how the characters felt and acted around one another. Since then, I’ve been hooked on every single book written by her. The style of her books really make you think differently not only about the character’s world but yours as well. Scary enough, even with the dark writing, the amount of hot and heavy moments keeps you wanting more!

5. J.C. Hannigan

J.C. Hannigan is actually a fellow Canadian, but don’t make that change your views! Although there aren’t too many well-known Canadian authors in the indie world, J.C Hannigan has made an impression on me, and I am forever a fan! With her style of sweet and forbidden romance, I am always captivated by her words. It also helps that I can total relate to the locations of her writing since we live in the same province!

6. K. Ryan

Whether it’s a forbidden romance or a scary biker gang, K. Ryan knows how to keep you on your toes. The way she writes her novels are so fast paced, and never once dull! I definitely had some Sons of Anarchy vibes while reading her duology that involved a biker gang with amazing sexual tension between the two main characters.

7. Rachel Brookes

Rachel Brookes is the author from down under, and she sure knows how to light a fire between two characters! I don’t think that I have ever read a duology where I instantly fell in love with not only the character’s relationships but also both brothers in the books! Rachel loves to write with a lot of angst and crazy twists, leaving you wanting to read even more!

8. Melissa Pearl

Melissa Pearl is also an international author residing in New Zealand where she loves to write inter-connected novels that you could soak up in a matter of hours. Her novels aren’t bogged down with a lot of details, but are ever so quick to go from sweet and innocent to hot and heavy at the drop of a hat. She also writes under another pen name that is geared towards teen romance novels.

9. Tia Louise

Tia Louise is an author of suspenseful and sexy romance. With each of her novels, you immediately get hooked from page one and can’t stop until you’ve read everything! While reading her series that revolves around royalty, you can’t help but stick your pinkie finger up while sipping all the tea. Just when you’re reading a really romantic part, she takes it up a notch and brings in a whole load of villains and anxiety.

10. Staci Hart

Staci Hart is an author you want to keep on your radar. She is pushing out books almost every month it seems, and every single one is a mix of hot sex with a layer of lust. Whether she is writing about gods, or regular Joes such as ourselves, she knows how to pull every single emotion out of you until you’re a puddle on the floor wondering what the hell just happened!

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